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Fridge Freezer Maintenance: The importance of cleaning the condenser coils

The fridge freezer is one of the beloved appliances in the kitchen; keeping our food chilled and stored safe. Naturally, we want to ensure this appliance is lasting long and working efficiently. One area that is sometimes overlooked is cleaning the condenser coils. If you’re not familiar with the coils, then not to worry. In this article we look at the importance of cleaning the condenser coils. 

What and where are the condenser coils on a fridge freezer?

The condenser coils are a crucial part in the operation of a fridge freezer. The appliance passes refrigerant inside to remain cool and as it passes through the coils it changes from gas to a liquid and releases heat. The coils work by releasing heat from inside the appliance into the air. The coils are usually found at the back of the appliance or near the bottom. They are easily identified as they can sometimes look like wire racking covering the rear of the fridge. 

Why is cleaning the coils important?

Cleaning the coils is essential to the operation of the appliance. Firstly, keeping the coils clean helps to improve the performance of the appliance. General maintenance allows the appliance to work effectively, exchanging heat when needed to ensure the fridge is staying at the set temperature you have chosen. 

It also helps to keep the appliance energy efficient. When coils are dirty it can result in the heat becoming trapped and the appliance will need to work harder, using more energy, to maintain the required temperature. If the coils are cleaned, they can work as expected and more efficiently. As a result of the energy efficiency, it can lead to cost-savings.

Another reason to carry out this maintenance as it reduces the risk of a malfunction. If the coils are not cleaned and the appliance is operating harder, over time that puts increased pressure to maintain the temperature. This strain can result in issues with the fridge, so it is best to keep clear of any dirt and dust to ensure the longevity of the appliance. 

How do you clean the coils?

Now we know where the coils are and that it’s important to clean them, we need to know how is best to clean them. Thankfully, this maintenance is relatively straightforward depending on your model. It is best to do this during a scheduled cleaning, such as defrosting your appliance. Pull the appliance out, switch it off completely and use a hose on a vacuum cleaner to suction away dust that has accumulated around the coils. 


Cleaning the condenser is an important part of your cleaning schedule but can easily be achieved with some light vacuuming to remove dust. For specific information on cleaning and maintaining your appliance, please refer to your user manual. 

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