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How does room temperature affect fridge freezers?

Our kitchens rely on the operation of our fridge freezers to ensure our food is kept cool. With the Summer months approaching and temperatures rising, many may be prepared to check their appliance is at the right temperature to prevent any issues. We typically associate warmer temperatures to be the cause of problems with appliances, but what about colder temperatures?

The temperature inside the appliance is maintained by the compressor, which is often referred to as the centre of the cooling system. The appliance needs to be kept in a room of an ambient temperature between 16ºC-32ºC to work correctly. If the temperature drops lower, then the compressor may struggle to work. As a result, if the room temperature remains at the incorrect temperature for the appliance, it is possible it can lead to internal complications due to the extra strain being put upon the compressor. The appliance user guide will provide instructions for the installation but generally it is advised to keep fridge freezers inside, not in garages or sheds, as outbuildings do not always have suitable temperatures.

To help with the temperature, it is important to ensure there is sufficient clearance around the appliance. This means having enough surrounding space to allow air-flow through the ventilation system. It is also important to avoid placing the appliance near any heat sources, such as radiators. Similarly, it is also recommended to avoid placing near doors. This is because if a door is left open too long it can affect the room temperature if there is a draught, and thus affect the temperature of the appliance. The specific guidance of the surrounding space will be stated in the installation instructions for your appliance.

So, is there anything else we can do to help maintain the temperature of our appliance? Apart from ensuring the room is at the correct temperature, an easy way to look after your fridge freezer is by not overfilling it. In order to maintain the temperature, air needs to circulate inside. If food is stacked high inside there may not be room for the air to circulate efficiently. The door seals are something to consider, in the sense that they need to close correctly. If the seals become damaged this can prevent it from closing and risk affecting the air flow. To stop this from happening, it is recommended to take care when closing the doors and clean the door seals regularly alongside general maintenance.

Overall, the room temperature can affect fridge freezers and it is something to consider with the general care. If in doubt, always refer to your user guide to ensure your appliance is in the right temperature setting.  You can browse our range of fridge freezers here.