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  • Brand: Gro Company
  • Catalogue number: 910/3348
  • Manufacturer's number: HJ008A

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When the power goes off, the clock,freezes all the settings, including the main time, the wake up times and brightness settings. Therefore if the power goes off for a few seconds and then back on, the time will have been paused for a few seconds. Howe'ver if the power was off say for 3 hours, then the time will be out by 3 hours and will therefore need re-setting.

No, your clock uses LEDs so it's naturally energy efficient. However it also has a built in energy saving mode. One hour after the wake up time has activated, the clock automatically turns off coloured LED lights and runs on a tiny amount of electricity. To reactivate just press any key and the colour LEDs will come back.

In a way they are very similar because the clock works in exactly the same way in both modes. Once activated, the clock will count down and the star will change into the sun at the time set in each mode. The reason there are two modes is so that parents who are putting their children to sleep during the day and at night can have the two different times stored, which saves them from having to reset the wake up times every session.

Yes. The time you set for the alarm is independent of the nighttime or daytime nap modes. Therefore you could have the sun coming up silently at 7am and then the alarm sounding at 7.30am.

The alarm bell icon appears in the cheek of the sun/star when the alarm is switched on.

Very easily, by using the key lock function, which is similar to the function on mobile phones.

Yes! There is a built in demo mode which runs through all the sun and Mr Star transitions. To set the Demo mode on, just press and hold the UP button for three seconds and the clock will show all the transitions on a continuous loop. To turn off the Demo mode, simply press and hold the UP button for three seconds.

Switch the clock off at the mains, wait a few seconds and switch back on.

Please watch the following video which will explain how to initially set up the Gro Clock, set the 'wake up' time & show how to activate the button lock feature.

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  • Set Up & using your Gro Clock

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