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Keeping your fridge freezer cool in the heat

The UK has experienced some high temperatures this week. Fridge freezers generally need to be in a room of 16ºC-32ºC to work correctly, but due to the rising temperatures these room temperatures may be affected. In this article, we highlight our key pieces of advice to resolve any cooling issues during a heatwave.

Adjusting the settings

If your appliance is having cooling issues in this temperature, it is important to check the setting. Due to the higher temperatures, you may need to put your appliance on the coolest setting. Once this has been set, we would recommend monitoring it on this setting for at least 48 hours to see if this makes a difference. The reason for this is to allow the appliance to adjust to the new temperature setting. Once it is on the correct setting and temperature has adjusted, you should be able to move the temperature back slightly if necessary.

Avoiding over-filling

Although many will be stocking up on cold treats, such as ice lollies, it is important not to over-fill our freezers. If you put too much in the appliance it can prevent the air from circulating correctly and as a result can affect the cooling system from working. During these warmer periods, it is sometimes best to put a little less than usual in to allow the optimum cooling.

Even if you are not over-filling, you should also consider the placement of items in the appliance. It is recommended to avoid having any food touching the walls or ceiling of the fridge freezer as this could affect the air flow. Similarly, you should also ensure there is nothing blocking the fan at all. If there is, it can affect the air flow and thus affect the cooling. We would recommend having a few items in each shelf of your fridge or freezer to give space between each item for the air to circulate.

Providing sufficient clearance

Due to the rising temperature, the compressor will be working harder to keep the appliance cool. As a result, the appliance may product excess heat around the outside of the ventilation in the airflow. It is important to ensure there is a gap for this air to flow through. If it is too tightly compact it can make the appliance warmer and struggle to remain cool. Although a gap should generally be there under normal installation instructions, you may find necessary to make this gap wider by moving anything away from your appliance to improve the air flow.

Closing the door

A simple but effective method to keep cool during the heat is closing the door quickly after the door has been opened and any items have been taken out. This is because in hot weather we make more trips to fridge freezers than usual, which allows cold air to escape and warm air to enter, affecting the cooling process. By closing the door more quickly than usual, it can help to prevent the cooling from being affected.

These tips apply to your general maintenance and can be used in the event you experience any cooling issue with your appliance If you are experiencing any issues with cooling after this, please get in touch with the relevant support team which can be found in your user manual. You can shop all refrigeration here.

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