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Fridge freezer water dispenser leaking? Try this!

Fridge freezers are useful appliances, and even better when they have inbuilt water dispensers. These dispensers enable us to cool water in the fridge and easily dispense by the push of a lever. If you’re familiar with water dripping from the dispenser when the lever isn’t pressed, then don’t fear – in this article we outline some quick tips to stop the leaking. 

Check that the lever isn’t stuck

First and foremost, check that the lever isn’t stuck. If the lever is stuck in the dispense position, it will be dispensing the water even when you aren’t touching it. To rectify, we recommend wiggling the lever back and forth a few times and then letting go. This should help to reposition the lever correctly and resume normal operation. 

Check that the seals aren’t squished or warped  

The next step is removing the dispenser unit from the appliance (if available on your model) and checking that the seals are intact. This means checking that they are not squished or warped. If the seals on the dispenser, whether that be directly around the lever, the stopper or the outside of the unit, this can allow water to escape from places it shouldn’t. If they are squished, massage them back into place with your fingers, refit, and try the lever again. 

Remove the stopper and clean thoroughly

Another thing to check is the stopper. This is the part usually located at the bottom of the dispenser which acts as a mechanism to stop too much water flowing at once. If there is any blockage or debris on the stopper, it can prevent it from operating correctly. To check this, open the dispenser (if available on your model), remove the stopper from the bottom and clean it thoroughly. Once clean, dry completely and refit.  

Refit securely

With all these checks completed, it is time to refit securely. It is incredibly important to ensure it is aligned correctly and secure. If at the incorrect angle or not secure, it can encourage water to pour out. To avoid this, align the dispenser with any directional arrows or markings and push to click into place. 

Regular maintenance tips for your dispenser to prevent future leaks

Don’t forget – like with all aspects of your appliance, the dispenser should also be maintained correctly. To keep it working effectively, we recommend cleaning regularly by rinsing any removable parts and routinely checking that all parts are secure. 

Similarly, you should replace and refill the water regularly to prevent mineral build up which could create deposits/debris in the dispenser. To do this, simply poor out the water and refill with fresh. This also means you can be confident the water you are drinking is not only cool, but very fresh. 


Using these tips, you can stop a leaking water dispenser quickly and effectively. For specific instructions on the water dispenser on your appliance, refer to your user manual or contact the relevant support team.