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Why do fridge freezers need to settle?

When installing fridge freezers it is recommended to allow the appliance to settle. But what does this mean?

Settling of a fridge freezer refers to allowing the cooling system to adjust. The cooling system works by refrigerant gases keeping the appliance cool. To maintain the internal components, there is compressor oil in the appliance which helps to lubricate and cool down different parts that are used to refrigerate. This is important to consider after transport as it is possible for this oil to move around inside. By allowing the appliance to settle, it allows the compressor oil in the cooling system to settle and adjust. If it does not settle, it can cause blockages and affect the cooling functionality of the appliance.

In preparation to allow the appliance to settle, you should ensure it is placed in the right position. This should be upright in the correct orientation with sufficient clearance around each side and away from any heat sources. Once the appliance has been situated in the correct position it should be left for 4 hours before plugging in. This timeframe should provide enough time for the cooling system to adjust the fluids. After 4 hours, you can plug the appliance in. We would then recommend leaving up to 24 hours for the cooling system to fully operate before placing food inside.

Alongside allowing a suitable timeframe to settle, you should also provide a thorough clean and check before your first time use. This would involve removing any additional packaging, wiping down walls and seals with water whilst avoiding harsh abrasives, and ensuring any parts are fitted on correctly. For example, ensuring interior shelving is secure.

To summarise, it is important to allow your fridge freezer to settle so that the cooling system can adjust and work effectively. Please note that the timings mentioned in this article will vary by model so always refer to your instruction manual or contact the relevant support team. You can browse our full range of refrigeration here.