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Why should you keep your fridge freezer organised?

Organising the contents of your fridge freezer can be a chore. Some may do it for an aesthetically pleasing interior whilst others may do it to remain organised. But did you know, keeping organised can be quite beneficial? 

What are the benefits of keeping your fridge organised?

It’s not all about keeping things clean and tidy, being organised can help to maintain the performance of the appliance. Cool air circulates inside fridge freezers to keep the food cold. If a fridge is overfilled and food is pushed right back against the walls, it can affect the air flow and make the cooling less effective.  

Organisation is also essential in preventing bacteria affecting the food. This is because if the food is kept at the wrong temperature, it may go off and be unsuitable to consume. Similarly, by keeping organised it can prevent bacteria from spreading via cross-contamination of foods. 

It is also beneficial can help to reduce the amount of food waste. The reason for this is you can easily keep track of what food is in date and what needs to be used up soon. If your appliance is overloaded and unorganised, you may not notice when items are out of date. 

What are some ways to keep organised?

Normally, it is recommended to store any fruit and vegetables in the drawers of the appliance. This is because it can keep them fresh and separate from the other food in the fridge. 


It is also recommended to always keep meat on the lowest shelf. This reduces the chance of cross contamination, from leaking or open packages. This is particularly important when considering hygiene and cleanliness. 

You should place anything that doesn’t need cooking on the upper shelf. This is because the upper shelves can sometimes be warmer than the other shelves. This also aids in preventing cross-contamination as the food has already been cooked or doesn’t need to be cooked to be consumed. 

You can place bottles of juices or sauces on the shelves inside the door. By doing this, they can stay secure and there is less risk of them falling off. As most bottles are a very similar shape, they should fit nicely. This is generally a warmer part of the fridge, so if possible avoiding having milk here if planning to store for an extended period. 


If you have lots of small items to store, you may wish to utilise storage containers. You can simply fill them as required to keep things separated and organised. This is also beneficial as it helps to keep food fresher by keeping them tightly contained. You may want to try using glass storage containers. Not only do they help to organise, but they can also help food to stay colder in the fridge, and also when taking out of the fridge. You can label the storage tubs with dates and content information so you know exactly when it needs to be used by. Using the containers can reduce the smells that come from different food types, so if you use lots of containers you can prevent an overpowering scent. 



You should always aim to keep your fridge freezer organised and tidy to keep it in the best condition. For specific information on what is best for your appliance, always refer to your user guide or consult the relevant support team, and make sure to store products as per food packaging guidelines. 

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