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Why do microwaves make noise?

Microwaves are a popular item to have in the kitchen and are ideal for those needing to quickly heat up leftovers or heat up a microwave meal. You may notice that your microwave can be noisy at times. In this article we have highlighted some reasons why your microwave makes noises. 

Grinding could be an incorrectly aligned turntable 

The turntable is the part of the microwave which turns the plate around during operation to allow even heating. This can emit a slight sound of the turntable turning around. However, if the turntable is not correctly aligned it can disrupt the rotation and may result in a grinding sound. This can be resolved by correctly aligning the turntable, so it is secure.  

Thumping - unbalanced dishes 

When placing dishes in the microwave it is a good habit to position in the centre of the turntable plate. If placed to the side, it can unbalance the plate. This means when the microwave operates the dish is lifted and dropped as the turntable turns, creating a thumping sound. 

Humming - poor ventilation 

Microwaves produce heat during operation and the vents at the side and the back are important to help maintain airflow. This is important to get effective cooking results and to keep your microwave lasting longer. If this air flow is restricted or blocked, it may result in a humming noise. This can occur due to something physically pushing against the vents creating a noise, or it can happen when the microwave is working harder to operate. This can be reduced by keeping sufficient clearance around the microwave. 

Vibrations - an unlevel appliance 

Your microwave should be placed on a flat, level surface for operation. If the microwave is on an uneven surface, it is more likely to produce excess vibrations when used. This is particularly more noticeable from the turntable as it will be turning around at a slight angle causing noisier vibrations. 

Operational noises from internal components 

There are also various noises that are expected from your microwave when using and these come from the internal components. Parts such as the motor or any internal fans are likely to make some sort of mechanical noise (which sometimes sounds like a slight hum, buzz or whine). These noises can be attributed to the standard behaviour of the appliance and is not necessarily something to be concerned about. 

Other causes 

It is important to note that whilst these different factors can be altered to reduce loud sounds, it is still expected for your microwave to make some sort of noise during operation. If the sound seems to be unusual, we recommend consulting the support team for your product for further support and assistance. 

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