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Bush 50 Inch Smart 4K UHD HDR LED TiVo Freely TV
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Product details

  • Brand: Bush
  • Catalogue number: 714/0585
  • Manufacturer's number: 50UT24SB

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Please visit here for support on setting your Sky remote to work with your TV.


Yes, this TV does have Netflix, please go the app portal where you will  see the logo.

Please watch the below video to perform a camera test on the remote using a smartphone. This will allow you to see if the remote is producing a signal.

  1. Press the Settings button. 
  2. Scroll to Network, then press OK
  3. Scroll to Network Type. 
  4. Using Left or Right, select Wireless Device. 
  5. Scroll to Scan Wireless Networks, then press OK.
  6. Your TV will scan for all available wireless networks. 
  7. Scroll to the desired wireless network, then press OK
  8. Using the on-screen keyboard enter the password. 
  9. Scroll to and select OK
  10. Your TV will connect to the wireless network. 
  11. Press EXIT
  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Scroll to Installation, then press OK.
  3. Scroll to Factory Reset, then press OK.
  4. Scroll to Yes, then press OK.
  5. The TV will now reset.
  1. Press the Settings button. 
  2. Scroll to System, then press OK
  3. Scroll to More, then press OK
  4. Scroll to Software Upgrade, then press OK
  5. Scroll to Scan for upgrade, then press OK
  6. The TV will search for any available updates. 
  7. If there is an available update, please follow the on-screen instructions. Otherwise scroll to No, then press OK.

If the TV is missing some channels, we would recommend carrying out an automatic channel scan to tune in these channels, and if necessary trying a First Time Installation or Factory Reset through the menu. 

If this has not resolved the issue, you can check for any issues with the signal in your area using the Freeview website here. 

Check that all connections are fully inserted on both your TV and viewing source (for example, an aerial or a Sky box). If the issue persists, please try the following. 

  1. Unplug the TV from the wall and disconnect any external devices.
  2. Hold down the manual button on the unit for 30 seconds (if unsure of location please refer to the user manual).
  3. Plug the TV back into a mains socket.

Please see how to perform a power reset here: 

If the TV is disconnecting from the internet, we would recommend trying the following: 

  • If multiple variations of your router appear in the network selection screen, select the one which does not have 5GHz at the end. 
  • Check that the TV is not situated too close or too far from the router, and that there are no obstructions that may be physically blocking the signal. 
  • Reset the WiFi router. 
  • Check if other devices are experiencing the same issue, or if it happens at a particular time. This may suggest there is an event triggering this loss of connection.

You can use a digital aerial on this TV to access Freeview channels. This can be an external aerial that has been fitted by an engineer, or an indoor aerial that you can purchase and fit yourself. 

If purchasing an indoor aerial, we would recommend checking the distance from the transmitter as aerials will have a different range specified on the product box. You can check the distance from your nearest transmitter using the Freeview coverage checker here.

This should help to identify what aerial you will need, and what distance range would be required for your location. 

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Scroll to Installation, then press OK.
  3. Scroll to Automatic Channel Scan, then press OK.
  4. Scroll to the desired connection (E.g., D. Aerial), then press OK.
  5. Scroll to Yes, then press OK.
  6. Scroll to the desired option (E.g., Update), then press OK.
  7. The TV will scan for available channels.
  8. When the scan is complete, press OK.

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Returns policy

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