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TVs: Solving HDMI Connectivity Issues

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is one of the most common forms of connectivity for TVs. It allows external devices, such as set top boxes, games consoles, and DVD players, to be connected to the TV. There may be times you are struggling to establish connectivity, so we have highlighted below our advice to solve HDMI connectivity issues.

HDMI Handshakes

A HDMI handshake is the term we use when getting our HDMI devices to completely reconnect with our TVs. To perform a HDMI handshake, you will need to turn off both the TV and the HDMI device. Once turned off, disconnect them from the power and hold down the power buttons on them for 10 seconds. Then connect them to each other before plugging back in and turning both devices on. This helps to re-establish the connection. If this doesn’t work we would recommend trying the process again with a different HDMI socket or cable.

Using the correct cable

Some devices, such as the PlayStation 5, requires a HDMI 2.1 cable to connect to a TV rather than a standard HDMI cable. HDMI 2.1 cables transmit data faster, meaning the resolution and refresh rate is better. If you are using the incorrect cable you may find the picture doesn’t appear on-screen, or the 4K or 8K video appears slower than you believe it should perform. You can find information about what HDMI cable may be required in the user manual for your device.


Screen Resolution

If you are finding your HDMI device is not showing on-screen it could also be down to screen resolution settings. This is because you will need to ensure the external device resolution matches the TV’s resolution. These settings will be found on the external device. If possible, you should connect the device to another TV or monitor to see if the image shows and adjust the screen resolution settings accordingly. Once reconnected, you should find the image now displays on-screen.

HDMI ARC compatibility

HDMI connectivity issues can also occur with audio devices. If using an audio system such as a sound bar that mentions ‘HDMI ARC’ you should consider the HDMI port being used. HDMI ARC ‘Audio Return Channel’ is a connection that connects the TV and audio system with a HDMI cable without the need of any additional cables. If it is not a HDMI ARC port being used then it is likely the connection will not work. The information regarding HDMI ARC can be found in the user guide or may be written on the HDMI port or device itself.

To conclude there are various things you can try to get your TV and HDMI device communicating correctly. If in doubt, try rebooting and ensuring the cables are secure. You can browse our range of TVs here.