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Why do I need to enter a PIN for my TV?

You may have noticed your TV has recently asked you to set a PIN when you’ve turned it on and wondering why this has happened. If your TV hasn’t asked you to set a PIN yet, it’s nothing to worry about but it’s likely to ask you to set one within the next month. In this article we look at why do you need to enter a PIN on your TV. 

New legislation changes: The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure 

Firstly, it is important to understand what has prompted this change. The UK government have brought in legislation called ‘The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure’ PSTI Act for short, which comes into effect by 01/05/2024. This legislation requires consumer connectable products, what we know as ‘smart’ products, to comply with the Act. This Act focuses on protecting the personal data of consumers.  

For us as consumers, the changes mean that ‘smart’ products will need to meet minimum-security requirements. The way that this can be done on your TVs is by setting a PIN or passcode to access your TV or settings within your TV. 

How do I set the PIN? 

When your TV prompts to set the PIN, simply follow the instructions on screen. Most TVs will now allow you to continue using until you have set the required PIN. The formatting to set the PIN may use steps like this: 

  1. If or when prompted to set a PIN, press ‘OK’ on the remote. 
  2. Then, enter a four-digit pin.  
  3. Once you have entered the four-digit PIN, it should automatically highlight ‘re-enter’ PIN.  
  4. If it does not automatically highlight, press the down button on the remote and enter your PIN again. 

Once it is set, you can continue to operate the TV as you normally would. 

When will I need to use the PIN? 

The use of the PIN will vary depending on the features available on your TV and the general operating system. In most cases, the PIN will be required when accessing any system settings on the unit. 

Want more information?

If you want more information on how the PIN needs to be set on your model, please visit the support page and contact the relevant support team if necessary. 

You can read more information regarding the UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Product Security) regime by visiting the Government website here.