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Treadmill Support: Why won’t my treadmill start?

If you’re setting up your new treadmill, you’ll be keen to get this set up as soon as possible so you can try it out. If you find it isn’t starting straight away, this can be disappointing and frustrating. But not to worry, this can be easily solved by double checking the set up. In this article we look at reasons why your treadmill won’t start and how to solve them. 

The power supply isn’t turned on. 

Sometimes the simplest place to start is checking if the treadmill has power. A lot of treadmills have detachable power cables, so ensure both ends are secure in the treadmill and the other firmly in the plug socket. We recommend plugging directly into mains plug socket and avoiding the use of an extension lead. Next, switch it on at the plug and press the power button on the treadmill. 

The safety key isn’t inserted. 

Many treadmills are equipped with a safety key that must be inserted properly for the treadmill to operate. If the safety key is missing, damaged, or not inserted correctly, the treadmill may not start. You can remedy this by securely inserting the safety key into the slot. Once inserted, you should find you are able to use the treadmill. 

The app has not been paired and set up. 

Depending on your model of treadmill, you may have to download an additional app to get full functionality. You can find this information in your user manual. If this is the case, then download the app and complete a pairing and setup process. Once this is complete, you may find you are able to use the treadmill and any additional modes. 

The remote or control panel hasn’t been used. 

Whilst some treadmills use an app, they will also have a control panel and/or a remote. To complete the first set up and turn on, you may need to press physical buttons on the unit as well. For example, although the power lights show on, you may find you have to press the Power button on the control panel too and then select the desired treadmill mode. We recommend consulting your user manual for instructions on how to set the mode. 

The belt needs adjusting or lubricating.

If the belt is too stiff and needs to be adjusted or lubricated, the treadmill may give the appearance that is it not operating. You can solve this by tightening and adjusting using Allen keys. Similarly, you can apply lubricant under the treadmill so that it doesn’t stick to the running deck. 

Support summary

By understanding the reasons your treadmill isn’t starting, you can quickly implement these solutions to solve this. 

For more help and support, we recommend visiting the support page for your product or contacting the relevant support teams.