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Treadmill Support: How do I adjust the belt?

Treadmills are great pieces of fitness tech for the home. They allow you to get a workout at home which can fit into busy schedules or days where the weather isn’t suitable for a full walk or run. If you are finding that the treadmill belt moves to one side when in use, or it feels loose, then this is a sign that the belt needs adjusting. Adjusting the belt is part of your general maintenance, so it is important to know how to do this so you can remedy it with ease. 

Why is it important to adjust the belt? 

Adjusting the belt is important to prevent premature wear and tear. If the belt is misaligned, it can put strain on the motor and other components. It can result in excessive friction which can wear down the belt quickly. A poorly aligned belt can also negatively affect performance as you may not be comfortable using the treadmill and can prevent you from reaching a fast speed. 

How do I adjust the belt? 

Please note, the instructions may vary for your treadmill, so be sure to follow your instruction manual to correctly adjust the belt. 

1. Tighten one side with an Allen key. 

Use an Allen key and turn it half a turn on the right side. 


2. Test the treadmill. 

After one adjustment, test the treadmill to see if it has made a difference.  

3. Tighten the same side again. 

If it continues running to the right, keep adjusting until it runs to the centre. 


4. Tighten the other side. 

Adjust the left side to the supplied Allen key. We recommend starting with a half turn and then moving to a full turn. 


5. Keep adjusting until comfortable. 

We recommend loosening and tightening each side and testing again until it runs in the centre, and you are comfortable with the results. 

Support summary

You can easily adjust the belt on the treadmill with these simple steps. Remember, regular adjustment of treadmill belts is essentially for maintaining performance and the longevity of the product. Different treadmills may have different ways to adjust the belt, so check your user manual or consult the support team for more information. 

You can view our video on how to adjust the belt on an Opti treadmill by clicking here.