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The basics of unboxing your new TV

If you have a new TV, you’ll be keen to get it unboxed and setup as soon as possible so you can enjoy streaming your favourite shows. But before you dive on it to open it up, we recommend considering how you handle and unbox the TV to minimise the risks of damage, this is especially more important on larger model TVs. Here are the basics to remember to unbox your new TV with ease. 

Handle with care 

Always handle your television box with care. TV screens are generally quite delicate, and whilst the box will be full of packaging to protect the unit, the box should still be handled with care. This means avoiding bumping it, dropping it, or moving it vigorously. 

Always use 2 people to lift heavier or larger items where weight may be distributed unevenly, especially when stated on the box. We recommend clearing your path before moving, with any obstacles removed, so when you locate the box to another room you can avoid any potential trip hazards. 

Choose a clear area to unbox 

Next, choose a clear area to unbox and setup your TV. This means ideally a solid flat surface and if possible, a soft surface to lay the TV on once it's out the box. This will give you a clear area to work and reduce the chances of damage to the screen when attaching the stand or a wall bracket to the main unit. Look out for anything on the surface before laying down the TV. 

Avoid resting the screen on anything other than a flat surface when manoeuvring it. For example, balancing the TV on your knee to adjust your position could cause impact damage before you’ve even turned on the power. 

Get an extra pair of hands to help 

You may also want to get someone to help with the unboxing. Especially with bigger TV screens, having an extra pair of hands can help to safely remove the TV from the box without the risk of it toppling over. It also makes it much easier and less hassle. 

Check the packaging for any unboxing instructions 

Before opening the box up, check the packaging for unboxing instructions or diagrams on how to unbox. Some TV boxes will have specific ways of opening, such as supporting clips that allow the top of the box to be lifted away for easier access.  

Follow any instructions correctly to open the box and remove the TV from the packaging. Try to avoid putting too much pressure on the unit as you lift it from the packaging. Ideally try to slide the TV and packaging out of the box, rather than just the TV on its own. 

Unboxing summary 

To summarise, consider the unboxing process by taking care with unboxing, thinking about your surroundings, following the guidance on any packaging and getting an extra pair of hands to help, once your all safely setup you can begin to enjoy your new TV. 

The TV is unboxed, what next? 

So the TV is out of the box, it’s time to set it up! You can check out our article here on how the TV Setup Essentials to get you set up quickly.