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Xbox Series S & X: Solving online connection errors

In the world of online gaming, connecting with your friends online can give you a more enjoyable gaming experience. With games allowing you to work with your friends to complete a mission or to battle your friends for victory, the fun is endless. If you experience any errors when trying to join a party with your friends, it can really dampen your experience. But don’t fear – this can be solved. In this article we provide some easy ways to solve online connection errors so you can enjoy gaming with your friends. 

Check Xbox Live Status 

Firstly, it you find you’re experiencing problems with connecting with friends, start with checking the Xbox Live Status before jumping into troubleshooting. You can usually locate this on social media or on the Xbox website. You will quickly be able to see if there are any updates happening or any outages; if there are, simply wait until it improves and then try connecting again. 

Check for any updates 

You can also check your console for any updates which may be required. You can find this under Settings, System and Updates. If an update us available, there will be an option to begin a console update. 

Check your network settings 

Next, check your network settings. You can check this by going into Settings and then Network Settings in the menu. Here, you can see if your router is showing as connected or disconnected. If disconnected, try putting in your password again. It is also worth noting the signal strength – if it is suddenly showing poor signal, there could be an issue with the network connection. 

Reboot your router 

To resolve any potential router issues, it is worth giving the router a reboot. You can do this using either the reset button usually located on the back of the router, or simply unplugging the router for 30 seconds and then plugging back in again. 

Reboot your console 

You can also reboot your Xbox console. To do this, turn off and unplug the console, wait 30 seconds, the plug back in and turn on again. 

Check your NAT type 

The NAT (Network Address Translation) is a way in which traffic is directed from the internet to the right device. This specifically affects the way you connect with other players on multiplayer games. You can check this under Network settings on your Xbox. If your NAT type doesn’t show ‘Open’ and has an error code, we recommend contacting your network provider for further assistance or visiting Xbox for further NAT troubleshooting. 

Consider a wired connection 

If you are using a wireless connection, we would also recommend trying a wired ethernet connection from the router to the Xbox to test if this works. This can provide a direct connection to the internet and may resolve any problems. 

Still not connecting?

If you find you’re still having problems connecting on online multiplayer, we recommend visiting the support page for your product or contacting the Xbox support team directly.