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Why is your radio missing stations?

The radio or previously the wireless, has been a part of daily life for around 100 years. Whether it’s situated in your kitchen whilst you cook, or your study whilst you work, it’s an essential piece of equipment for music and news.  

If you experience a loss of signal and are missing channels, it can be quite inconvenient, and you will want to get it up and running as soon as possible. Before that, you will need to diagnose why it has lost the signal in the first place, so you know what to do if it happens again.  

In this article we look at the reasons why your radio may be missing stations. 

There is a channel update and your radio needs retuning.

Sometimes, losing stations can simply be due to a channel move and you need to retune your radio back in. Try scanning the channels again, or even performing a system reset, to tune the stations back in. 

The service is no longer broadcasted.

There are times when stations end their broadcasting. This can be due to a closure of the station, or movement to other platforms, such as internet radio or online podcasts. We recommend checking the website of the station for any changes on their services. 

The station is DAB+.

If you do not have a DAB+ radio, then you will be unable to receive DAB+ stations. This is due to the tuner type used in the radio. Unfortunately, the only work around this would be to listen to the station on a DAB+ radio. 

Your radio is close to other electrical devices.

Did you know that electrical interference really can affect the signal to your radio? If your radio is too close to other electrical appliances, such as a microwave, it can interfere with the signal. We suggest moving away from other devices and keeping it in an open space. You can then retune the radio to retrieve your signal. 

There is poor signal in your area due to weather conditions.

A common cause of signal loss is not one we can do much about, the weather. Stormy winds and rain can interfere with the signal and prevent you from receiving stations. It isn’t just rainy weather, but if the weather is very hot is can also prevent the signals from travelling. Our advice is to wait until the weather passes, and then retune again.  

The antenna has misaligned.

If your radio uses an antenna, you should check the alignment. This refers to the way the antenna is positioned with the radio. If the radio has been accidentally knocked, it can misalign the antenna. This can cause a loss of signal as the antenna receives the signal. We recommend moving back into the original position, extending fully if necessary, and trying a retune to bring your signal back. 


There are a few reasons why your radio is missing stations or has lost signal. By understanding the possible causes, it can help you to find a resolution. 

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