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What is Freely on my TV: The basics

You may have heard the name Freely cropping up recently when looking at TVs. If you aren’t sure what it is, then you will surely want to know what this exciting feature is for your smart TV! 

What is Freely?

Freely is the gap between online catch-up and live TV. In short, it offers live TV channels through the internet without the need for an aerial or satellite cable. Much like Freeview and Freesat, you can navigate the various channels via an on-screen channel guide making viewing content easier than ever. 

Is there anything I need to have to use Freely? 

Firstly, your TV must support the Freely service. This information can be found in your user manual or product guide. It can also be easily identified by checking your remote or TV menu for the Freely icon. 

Secondly, you will need a stable internet connection. We recommend connecting to your home Wi-Fi router to get a consistent connection with a strong speed. This will allow you to stream your favourite shows at ease. 

What can I do with Freely? 

With Freely you can access a variety of channels by streaming through the internet. Not all channels are available through Freely so be sure to check this on the Freely website. Freely also groups together your smart apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITVHub, so you can access these catch-up apps through the Freely service. 

Can we still use Freeview and Freesat? 

Currently, Freely is going to be an additional service alongside Freeview and Freesat, so these services will continue to operate as usual. 

What for the future?

As the platform is relatively new to UK TV platforms features may be added over time. To read more about Freely, head on over to the Freely website.