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What is AVL (Auto Volume Leveller) on my TV?

What is AVL?  

If you’re getting to know your new TV, or exploring the settings on your old set, you may stumble across a setting labelled AVL (Auto Volume Leveller). The purpose of this feature is to automatically adjust the volume levels so that as a user you can get a comfortable listening experience. This setting isn’t limited to TVs but can also be found on set top boxes and some audio systems.  

How does AVL work?

As a user, AVL would appear that you enable the setting, and the TV automatically does the rest. In fact, this is exactly the case. AVL operates by aiming to maintain a consistent volume by adjusting the audio output automatically. The way it does this is by monitoring the audio and automatically making the necessary adjustments to prevent any fluctuating sounds.  

This is particularly important when considering the range of input sources, channels, and smart content we can view on our TVs. When AVL is selected, the TV can adapt to each content to perfect the audio experience. This removes the need to change the setting for each different type of content. 

What are the benefits of AVL?

A benefit of AVL is that it creates a comfortable listening experience and is user-friendly. This is because it automatically adjusts the volume for you as a user, rather than having to manually adjusting the settings for each film, or scene, when viewing. This means you can switch on the setting once and not have to worry about it. This is great for those who aren’t familiar with every setting on their TV. 

Another benefit is that it can prevent disturbances. This is particularly important if you are watching content late at night, or you are in an environment where loud noises from the TV will not be appreciated. With a consistent volume, it means loud noises and sudden audio increases won’t seem as drastic as they would be without the setting enabled. 

Are there any drawbacks to AVL?

Whilst the setting itself is not a problem, there may be times where you may not want to have the setting enabled. Due to AVL automatically adjusting settings to remain consistent, you won’t be able to hear significant changes in volume. You may find there are times you want to hear the loud sounds or feel deep bass to improve the overall experience, so in those circumstances you may wish to turn AVL off and adjust settings manually to your preference. 


AVL is a significant feature on your TV as it really can seamlessly enhance your viewing experience. To check if your TV has AVL, we recommend exploring your sound settings menu, consulting your user manual or contacting the relevant support team.