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Speedy solutions for slow or laggy tablets

Smart tablets are useful devices in the home. From reading eBooks to playing games, they can help with a multitude of things. If you’ve ever experienced your tablet running slowly or lagging, it can be very frustrating. But it can also be easily fixed. In this article, we highlight some speedy solutions to get your slow tablet up and running as usual. 

System updates

First and foremost, you need to check to see if your tablet requires any updates to the operating system. Manufacturers will frequently release updates which aim to fix bugs and improve performance. To check this, head over to the settings menu and check for system updates. If available, you should be able to select this and update the system. 

Clearing cache and junk files

You may find that your tablet’s memory becomes clogged with cached files and junk data. This can slow down the overall performance of the device. To clear this, go to the storage settings and locate the clear cache option. This will help to declutter and also remove unnecessary files. You can also consider third-party apps to help clear up your tablet to improve the performance. 

Manage background apps

When apps are running in the background, they can cause your table to slow down due to the use of system resources. You can manage this by reviewing app behaviour in your tablet’s settings. You should be able to disable apps or prevent them from operating in the background. This will help to free up space and help it to run efficiently. 

Free up storage space

If your tablet is running out of storage space, you may find your tablet begins to slow down. You can easily rectify this by deleting old files, photos, videos, and apps. If necessary, you can move files to external storage by using a PC or laptop, or you may want to consider moving your files to cloud storage to free up space. By doing this, you are effectively giving your tablet more space to breathe and operate without lagging. 

Disabling animations

If you have added animations to apps and processes, this can be a cause of a laggy tablet. The tablet will use resources to display these animations which slows it down. We recommend entering your system settings and reducing, or disabling, the animations. This can help to speed up processes.  

Update apps regularly

Keeping your apps up to date is a simple way to prevent lag on your tablets. App updates will usually include performance improvements. This means that if an app is causing the tablet to slow down, an update could potentially fix this. You can do this by entering the app store, or settings, and checking for the latest updates and installing them if applicable. 

Factory reset as a last resort

If all the above solutions have not resolved the issue, we would recommend performing a factory data reset. This can be accessed via the system settings options on your tablet. Before doing this, ensure that any data you need to save is backed up or moved to another device as the factory reset will wipe this from the device. A factory reset can remove any issues that was causing the lag,  


You can easily reduce lag and get your tablet working at top speed by using our simple steps. If in doubt, always contact the relevant support team for more information on your product. 

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