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Smart Security: Embracing the benefits of video doorbell systems

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular for the modern home. If you’re not familiar with them, they are doorbells with a camera that can send the live feed to your phone (or other smart devices) so you can see who is at your door in real-time. So, what are the benefits of using a video doorbell system in your home compared to a standard doorbell? 

Increased home security 

Firstly, a video doorbell increases the security in the home. As it has a live feed to your smart devices, it can allow you to monitor your doorstep in real time. The doorbell can also notify you of any activity, so if you are not home and someone is at the door you are able to check this on the connected app. 

Added convenience for parcel deliveries 

It can also create convenience for parcel deliveries to the home. When a package is at the door, the activity will notify your phone. This means if a delivery driver is at the door with a parcel, you can communicate with them through the doorbell via the app to advise them of any specific delivery instructions. This is useful if you are working from home on a call or if you are away from home when a package arrived which helps to minimise the risk of package theft. 

Enhance your visitor and guest experience

A video doorbell can also enhance your visitor and guest experience. As the doorbell allows you to view who is at the door and communicate with them, if necessary, you can easily communicate with any guests before opening the door. This is useful in situations where someone may have come to the wrong address, or a guest has arrived, but you are not home. Some doorbells even have the option of answer messages which allow you to tell guests to leave a message for you if needed. 

Integration with your smart home systems 

Video doorbells can also seamlessly integrate with your smart home systems. As the doorbells will require pairing with an app, you can download this app on different smart devices in the home so you can access it all throughout the house. Some video doorbells can also pair with voice assistants, such as Alexa. This means you can receive notifications and communicate through the doorbell, via the device. You can also connect your doorbell to your Smart TV so that you can be notified of any activity when you're watching a film without having to get up or check another app. 

Energy efficient technology 

Most video doorbell systems use energy efficient technology by taking advantage of motion-activation features. This means that it will only start recording or showing you activity if motion is detected. As a result, it means it doesn’t use much energy when in standby until it needs to notify you of activity. You can usually adjust these setting to your preference too, such as the sensitivity of motion sensors and how long the device remains active after detecting motion to help reduce the power consumed. 

Cost-effective solution

These devices are considered cost-effective as they require a one-time purchase of the device without a subscription. Some features may require additional fees, but the basic functionality is normally available from purchase. There are many battery options available for video doorbells which can be easily installed. This means you do not need to worry about the cost of installing the doorbell. If you do opt for a wired doorbell, you may need some additional help for the setup to get everything connected. 

To summarise

Video doorbells can bring many benefits to the home. They can increase your security, add convenience for package deliveries, enhance your visitor management and easily integrate within your smart home system. 

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