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Radio silence? Here’s how to bring back the music!

If you have a radio, you already know how they can add some life to your house during quiet periods through songs and talk shows. There are times when the radio may randomly go silent.....  

But don’t worry – it can be easily solved.  Below, we have highlighted the essential checks you need to undertake to bring back the music to your radio. 

Checking the volume and mute settings

Before we jump into all the checks, you should firstly check that the volume is turned up and not muted. If the mute button is accidentally pressed, this will silence the radio and can simply be pressed again, and the volume increased to resume your listening. 

Examining the antenna

A simple tip to fix this issue is by examining the antenna. If the antenna has disconnected from the unit, you can reattach it again to rectify the issue. Similarly, if you notice the antenna has endured any wear, this can affect the ability to tune in a good signal so in this instance the antenna may need replacing. If you are using a radio without a physical antenna, you can skip this step. 

Testing different stations

It’s also worthwhile testing other stations to see if the issue is happening on some stations and not others. If this is the case, it would imply that the radio silence is signal related from that specific station. In this scenario, it would be best to try retuning this specific station or contact the service provider for further details. 


You can reboot your radio to try to get the volume back. Simply unplug the radio from the power source, hold down the power or standby button for 30 seconds, and then plug back in. Sometimes, the turning off and on trick works perfectly. 

Rescanning and retuning

If the prior suggestions have not fixed the issue, we recommend rescanning for stations to retune the radio. This ensures all the stations are up-to-date and can resolve the sound issues if they are signal-related. This process should be similar for FM, DAB, and internet radio. 

Checking for software updates

If you’re using a radio with internet functionality, you can check your system setting to look for a software update. If one is available, select the update to reinstall the latest update. This may resolve any bugs or glitches that may be stopping the volume. 

Factory resetting

If all fails, it may be time to reset the radio and try again. Your radio will have specific steps in the instruction manual, but the reset is usually found in the system settings.  

When carrying out this step you should be aware it will take the radio back to the factory settings so it will remove any presets or alarms. We suggest having an extra pair of hands with you for a factory reset to make a note of any presets so you can set them back up again. 


To conclude

You can restore the sound to the radio with our simple steps. Remember to consult your user manual or support team for the product for any specific information. 

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