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Playstation 5: Setting parental controls

If your child is an avid gamer in the growing digital world, they may be a fan of the PlayStation 5. This console has a large catalogue of titles to choose from. We want our children to be safe and responsible in the online world and thankfully the PlayStation 5 has some parental features available. In this article we look at setting parental controls on the PlayStation 5. 

Why is it important to understand parental controls?

Parental controls allow you to better support your child as they navigate virtual spaces. With gaming, there are many different games available that are not always suitable for children, and there are times that you need to teach your children the importance of keeping their details private online. 

What do you need before you set up parental controls?

Before you set up parental controls you will need to set up a family account on the PlayStation Network. Firstly, sign into your account on the PlayStation website. and select Account Management. Then, select Family Management and choose ‘Add Family Member’ to add a child to your account. Input the requested details to create the child profile to set up the account. 

How do you set parental controls?

Once you have a family account setup on the console you can set parental controls via ‘Family Management’. To access this, open Settings, select Family and Parental Controls and select Family Management. In here, you will be able to select the Child profile that you wish to set restrictions on. 

What features can be restricted?

There are several features available that can be restricted on the console to have more control over the content your child is viewing. To adjust the feature, simply select the feature and you will get an option regarding editing the function. For example, setting a time limit. Here are some that can be adjusted: 

  • Playtime settings: This allows you to control how long games can be played for and set a time limit to restrict this. This is great for managing screen time. 
  • Age level for games and apps: This setting lets you set restrictions on the content that can be accessed based upon age ratings with the age set on the child account. 
  • Web browsing: You can restrict the content that can be accessed via the web browser to create a safer online experience. 
  • Monthly Spending Limit: This lets you decide how much your child can spend on content through the PlayStation store. You may decide you want to keep it at 0 as a default, and if any additional content is required you can purchase this via the adult account. 
  • Privacy Settings: This setting can restrict shared media, take control over who can send friend requests and keeps personal information private. We recommend visiting these settings and adjusting to restrict information where required.

What do you do when your child is old enough for an adult account?

When your child is old enough you can upgrade it to an adult account. This is usually notified when signing into their account on the console to advise them they are eligible. You can upgrade to an adult account by visiting Account Management and selecting Upgrade Your Account. Please note that once an account is upgraded to Adult, it cannot be changed back to Child. 

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