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Nintendo Switch: 10 ways to enhance your gaming experience

The Nintendo Switch is a console that offers fun for all. What makes this console different to the other consoles available is the ability to switch from a handheld mode to a standard console with your TV. If you’re new to the console, here are 10 ways to enhance your gaming experience to make the most out of your Nintendo Switch. 

Optimise display settings 

The Nintendo Switch offers a few display settings to get the best picture. Go to System Settings and select TV Settings to find some available options. You can choose from TV Resolution, RGB Range, Adjust Screen Size and Screen Burn-In Reduction. These options allow you to make the display settings personal to you and your viewing preferences. 

Upgrade storage by investing in a quality MicroSD card 

If you plan on growing your game library on your console, you may find that the available storage is not enough. You can archive software to download later to free up space, but the easiest way to expand your storage is using a MicroSD card. This can be inserted into the MicroSD port at the back, so you have more room for your games. 

Become a master of joy-con controls 

If you like to have your own playstyle, then luckily the Nintendo Switch has adjustable button mapping which means you can configure the button inputs. Open System Settings, then Controllers and Sensors, then select Change Button Mapping and follow the on-screen instructions to suit your controls. This is a great way to ensure the console matches your playstyle. 

Record your memories with the capture button 

Screenshotting on the Nintendo Switch couldn’t be anymore simpler. The left joy-con has a Capture button at the bottom. Once pressed, it will take a screenshot of the screen. You can also record videos of the last 30 seconds of gameplay if you hold down this button for a little longer. These memories can be viewed in the Album of your console so you can reminisce about your gameplay. 

Explore more content in the eShop 

Whilst there are many physical games available from various retailers, did you know that the Nintendo Switch has a library full of titles, including download exclusives? This means there is software that can only be downloaded from the eShop many titles with great offers on downloads. To do this, open the Nintendo eShop from the HOME menu and from here you can browse the different titles available. 

Expand your gaming with Nintendo Switch Online 

Nintendo Switch Online is a membership service that allows you to play certain titles online with friends, and you can also purchase the expansion pack which provides access to a range of classic Nintendo titles. To explore this, select the Nintendo Switch Online icon on your HOME menu. 

Customise your home screen 

Whilst the Nintendo Switch does not currently have a wide range of customisation options on the home screen, you can still choose between a black or white theme for your preference. To do this, open the System Settings and choose which theme you would prefer. 

Find hidden joy-cons 

If you have lost your controller, whether that be down the side of a sofa or has slipped under some furniture, the console itself can help you to locate this. Use the touch screen on the console to open Controllers, then Search For Controllers and then tap the desired controller icon.  

Every time you touch the controller icon, the controller you are searching for will vibrate. You can press this repeatedly so that you can hear the controller and locate it. This is useful if you have many joy-cons for multiplayer games. 

Stay updated

With frequent software updates to the console and different games, it is important to stay updated. These updates often fix performance bugs with games or even add additional content. To keep the game fresh, it’s best to update frequently. Your console will normally prompt to download an update when available, but you can also check for updates by selecting the software, pressing + and selecting Software Update. 

Add to your console with accessories 

To really go the extra mile, you can add different accessories to up your experience and comfort. You may want to consider thumb grips for the joy-cons to make gaming more comfortable. You may also wish to invest in a carry case, which helps you to protect your console when you’re gaming on the go. Click here to view Nintendo Switch accessories.

What’s next?

These suggestions are great but remember that gaming is all about fun and enjoyment. Our best recommendation is simply playing games you love and enjoy.  

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