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E-Scooters: Can I ride in cold weather?

If you own an e-scooter, you are probably used to rides in the sunshine over the summer. Whilst summer rides are smooth-sailing, you may wonder whether you can also ride your scooter during the winter. In this article we look at whether it is suitable to ride in cold weather.

Colder weather conditions may not be safe

It is firstly important to note that you should only ever ride in safe conditions. In weather such as heavy rain or wind, it is recommended to avoid riding as it may make the riding unstable. In the Winter months, the ground is typically a bit damp or icy meaning the conditions are not necessarily the safest. If you are to choose to go outside in your garden, you should always be more alert, and ensure you are wearing protective clothing such as layering and a helmet.

Your tyre tread may not be suitable

Depending on the e-scooter being used, the tyre tread may not be suitable for colder, icier conditions. This should be checked by checking your user guide as if the tyres are not suitable for this weather it may cause slipping and sliding.

Scooters are designed to be used in ambient temperatures

Most scooters are only suitable for use in ambient temperatures. This means that in the winter months, as the mornings and evenings get colder, it may not be entirely suitable to ride. If they are used in cold temperatures, you may find the riding range is reduced as the scooter works against the weather. We would recommend riding in the daytime when the temperature is a bit warmer to reduce the effects of the cold.

You should take care when storing and charging in cold weather

The importance of temperature doesn’t only apply to the riding, but also for storage and charging. Scooters should be brought into a warm environment for storage. Once it has warmed up a bit, the scooter can then be put back on charge. We recommend avoiding charging the battery whilst the scooter is cold. On the flip side, do not try to warm the battery by other means but let it warm up naturally in the environment it is in. By following this, you can increase the driving distance, battery life and the performance.

To conclude…

You can of course ride your scooter in cold weather, but avoid where possible if the temperature drops significantly or if there are extreme weather conditions, and always take safety precautions. You should always refer to your user manual or contact the relevant support team for more information and specifications regarding your scooter.