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Do I need a sound bar with my TV?

With the world of entertainment now so engrained to our televisions as portals to other services, it’s no surprise we want to ensure we are having the best viewing experience where possible. Televisions can provide us with amazing visuals, but sometimes we want to up the audio game. You can do this by introducing a sound bar. In this article we look at the benefits of having a sound bar with your TV so you can decide if this is something you want to invest in. 

Enhance your audio quality

Using a sound bar with your TV greatly improves audio quality. Built-in TV speakers are usually small and do not always give the audio experience you crave, but sound bars are designed for superior performance. They have multiple speakers and advanced tech for better sound clarity and detail in movies, TV, and games. Sound bars often include a subwoofer for deeper bass, making action movies and music more immersive.  


Dialogue clarity

If you’re struggling to hear dialogue on your TV, it may be that you need more than your TV’s inbuilt speakers. Sound bars are great at fixing this. The speakers can help you to hear clear voices. This means them perfect for news, talk shows, and dramas. This reduces the need to adjust the TV volume each time you want to listen to someone speak. 

Immersive surround sound  

Immersive audio is crucial for an exciting entertainment experience, whether it's a thrilling movie or gaming. Sound bars help replicate this by simulating surround sound. Some use tech to create virtual surround sound, offering a more engaging experience than regular TV speakers. For those wanting authentic surround sound, some sound bars have extra rear speakers. This lets you enjoy true surround sound without the mess of traditional systems. 


Wireless connectivity

You will find a lot of sound bars offer wireless features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to the sound bar. Bluetooth is especially convenient, letting you easily connect your devices without extra cables. This wireless capability extends beyond your TV, turning the sound bar into a hub for all your entertainment audio needs an devices. 


Easy installation

Setting up a sound bar is a breeze. Unlike complex home theatre systems with lots of wires, sound bars are simple. You can place them on a TV stand or mount them on the wall. To connect to your TV, you usually just need a HDMI cable/ Optical cable, or AUX cable. Many modern TVs support HDMI-ARC, making it even easier. You can have sound bar ready to go in minutes, even if you're not tech-savvy. Plus, sound bars often have easy-to-use remotes or smartphone apps for customising settings, making them a user-friendly choice for better audio without the complications of a full home theatre system.  

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Sound bars are a great addition to your home cinema experience. They offer great sound quality and surround sound with an easy setup which can be made discreet with wireless technology. If the sound bar has Bluetooth technology you could also use it as a speaker for your smart phone. Before purchasing, we recommend checking the available connections on your TV and ensure the sound bar has the same connections so they can pair together. 

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