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Boomboxes: Solving CD issues

Boomboxes are a must have for those who like to play their CDs in the home, garden, or even on the go. If you find a CD isn’t playing this can be frustrating. In this article we highlight our tips to try if your boombox is not playing discs.

Is there packaging in the disc compartment?

If you are using your device for the first time, we would recommend checking the disc compartment for any packaging. This can be done by lifting the lid and removing any plastic or cardboard in the area. The reason for this, is that most boomboxes will come with packaging inside the compartment to protect the CD reading sensors. If they are not removed, the device will be unable to read and play any CDs inserted.

Is the device set to CD mode?

When playing CDs, you should check that the device is set to the correct mode. Most boomboxes will have multiple modes, such as radio and CD. If the device is set to the incorrect mode then when a disc is inserted it may not play. To resolve this, locate the mode switch and change it to the CD mode.

Has the volume been turned up?

Another key function to check is the volume. You should ensure that the volume has been turned up. You may find that a CD is playing but the volume is not coming out of the speaker.

Can you try alternative discs?

If a disc is not playing, we would suggest trying an alternative disc. This is to rule out that it is not perhaps an issue with the individual disc. If a disc has scratches or markings, it may not play. By doing this, you can determine if the issue is coming from the disc itself or if it is the boombox.

Try rebooting the device

Sometimes you can solve issues with a simple reboot. We would recommend rebooting the device by disconnecting from the mains power or removing the batteries, holding the off switch for 10 seconds, and reconnecting back to the power. Once rebooted, we would suggest trying the discs again to see if this resolves the issue.

Is the disc type compatible?

If you are using a copy or rewritable disc, it is important to check if your device supports this disc type and format. This information can be found in the user manual. If your device does not support this, then it will only be able to play genuine, shop bought discs.

To summarise

By trying the above tips, you can help to identify what may be preventing your CD from playing. If you are still experiencing issues, we would recommend consulting your user manual or contacting the relevant support team.