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Amazon Fire Tablet not turning on? Try this!

Amazon Fire tablets are great for all ages with a range dedicated to kids and a range for adults. As with any tech, there may be times when your tablet doesn’t appear to be turning on as expected. In this article we highlight some easy troubleshooting steps to get your Amazon Fire tablet up and running in no time. 

Holding the power button 

One simple step of bringing your tablet back to life is by holding the power button. This doesn’t mean simply pressing on, but we recommend pressing and holding the power button for about 40 seconds whilst plugged in to boot it back up. This helps to reboot the tablet if it has perhaps frozen and is giving the illusion it isn’t switching on. 

Cross-testing on another plug socket 

If the tablet isn’t turning on still, we suggest trying an alternative plug socket. This helps to rule out the possibility of the plug socket itself being the cause of the problem. Once plugged in and turned on, this will quickly show if the plug socket is the issue or whether to look elsewhere. 

Checking the cable 

You can also check the charging cable itself. Check for any damage to the cable as this can prevent it from charging the device. We also recommend simply trying another cable; if another cable charges the tablet, then it would indicate the issue is with the original cable. You can also confirm if the cable is working or not by using it with another device. This means you can resolve the issue by purchasing a replacement charging cable. 

Give another charge for 30 minutes 

Another tip is to ensure you are allowing a full charge. We recommend charging the tablet again for at least 30 minutes via a plug socket and cable you know is working on another device. This can help to bring the device back to life if the battery has run out completely. 

Soft reboot 

The last reboot you can try if the tablet is still not turning on is a soft reboot. This is performed by holding down the volume up button and power button together until either a recovery menu appears, or the Amazon Fire logo appears on-screen. This may take up to 40 seconds. Once on, you should be able to use the tablet as normal. 



These steps may be simple but are very effective in diagnosing what could be causing an issue and thus solving any problems. 

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