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Accessible Gaming: PlayStation Access Controller

Accessibility is an important aspect to consider when gaming to ensure everyone can enjoy. Many consoles or games will have visual settings and audio aids to make screen settings more accessible. For example, games like Fortnite include visual sound effects for hard of hearing players.  

To help meet player’s diverse needs, Sony have released the Access Controller Kit in collaboration with the accessibility community. In this article, we provide a brief overview as to how it achieves this and how it could change the world of gaming for many users. 

Swappable button and stick caps 

Firstly, this kit comes with a customisable button layout and a range of buttons which enables to user to amend to their desired needs. There are some different button shapes and textures which can be swapped out to pick the best one for you. The buttons are quite easy to interchange so can be swapped over whenever suits. 


Adjustable stick length 

The control stick length can be adjusted to preference, either longer or shorter. This means that it can fit a range of mobility and ensure gaming is always comfortable. This is particularly important if the game requires more use of the sticks or if the gaming session is particularly long. It isn’t just the length that can be adjusted, but also the cap itself. This means you can choose a larger cap, or a smaller cap to fit your needs. 

Easy access 

The controller can be used in any chosen 360 orientation, on different surfaces such as a wheelchair tray, and can also be attached to a wall mount. This means that it can be securely seated during use so you can have it positioned in the most comfortable position. 


Connect with other controllers 

You can also connect up to two of the Access controllers together to create a singular controller. This adds another aspect of accessibility and helps to mould the controller layout to the most comfortable and easy to use. This controller can also be attached to a Dualsense controller to use exclusive features such as haptic feedback. 

Create custom profiles 

With the Access controller, you can configure up to 30 profiles from the console settings and store up to 3 profiles at a time onto the controller. You can quickly switch between them with a dedicated button. This allows you to choose the best controller settings for the game that you are playing and your current needs. 

To summarise 

Overall, the PlayStation Access Controller ensures that the gaming experience is inclusive and means that all players can enjoy the cognitive and social benefits that gaming can bring. With inclusivity at heart and technology advancing at the pace it does today, what other ways may gaming expand to increase accessibility in 2024? We shall soon see!