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7 cool features on Apple Watch you may not know about

Apple Watches are one of the popular smart watches on the market for those looking to up their fitness game, or simply enjoy the convenience of having their iPhone ready to go on their wrist. Like with most tech, there are many features to enhance the experience of the product. In this article we look at 7 cool features on your Apple Watch you may not know about.  

Please note, we recommend checking the product information for your Apple Watch for specific information about the availability of features on different models and how to use them. 

1. Water Lock 

Water lock is a useful mode for those who are looking to do a water-based workout or may be encountering water. It works by locking the display to prevent accidental inputs, and then when it is turned off it will eject the remaining water on the watch from the speaker. To activate, tap the Water Lock button on the control centre on the display. To turn off, press and hold the Digital Crown to clear the water from the speaker and resume normal operation. 

2. Theatre Mode 

If you’re an avid theatre or cinema lover, then ‘Theatre Mode’ will be useful. This mode prevents the display turning on when raising your wrist, as well as turning on silent mode. This means you don’t need to worry about your watch lighting up when in a dark room. To activate it, open the control centre and tap the mask icon which is used to toggle the mode on and off. 

3. Watch Face Customisation 

Customisation is key on our smart devices to get a personal experience. The Apple Watch allows you to customise your watch, so it looks the way you want as well as providing your desired functions. To do this, open the Face Gallery in the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Alternatively, touch and hold the watch face which will give you the option to swipe between different faces. You will also get an ‘Edit’ button appear, which allows you to add additional features to the watch face. On the Apple Watch Series 4 or later, you can customise the watch face with a portrait photo by visiting the Apple Watch App. 

4. Gesture Controls 

With the OS 10, Apple Watches can offer gesture controls. This means using hand gestures to control the watch such as double pinching your thumb and finger together to cancel any timers or alarms or turning the watch to wake up. Although very simple, learning how these gestures work can make using the watch a seamless experience. 

5. Siri on the watch 

With the Apple Smart watch, it’s easy to forget some of the core iOS features. If you’re an iPhone user, you will be familiar with Siri. Did you know you can also use her voice assistant capability on the Apple watch too? To talk to Siri, you can raise your wrist and speak to the Apple Watch, say ‘Hey Siri’ or ‘Siri’, or you can press and hold the Digital Crown and then say your request. 

6. Customise the Action button 

The action button is a useful tool on the watch which allows you to launch a specific feature with the press of the button. This can be customised, so it launches your preferred feature. To do this, open Settings, choose Action button and tap Action. You will then be presented with the available apps or actions to choose from. For example, Torch. You can also customise the number of times the button needs to be pressed to activate the action. 

7. Find my iPhone 

Your Apple Watch can also become a useful aid if you find you’ve misplaced your phone. To access this feature, go to the control centre and tap on the iPhone icon. This will then alert your iPhone to emit a sound which will help you to locate it. 

There are still more features to find!

Overall, these are just some of the functions we think are useful. We recommend exploring the settings on your Apple Watch to fully customise and take advantage of all the features it has to offer.