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Why do ceramic hobs flash on and off?

Ceramic hobs are an increasingly popular feature on electric oven cookers. When using ceramic heater hobs, you may notice heated areas switching on and off. This is nothing to be concerned about and is expected behaviour. In this article, we look at why ceramic hobs flash on and off and what this means for us using the oven.

How do ceramic hobs work?

Ceramic hobs work via the heating elements beneath the surface. Each circular hob will have a heating element underneath which will activate when turned on. When heating, the light will glow to indicate the hob is heating and this will heat up the glass.

Why do the hobs flash on and off when cooking?

When ceramic heaters are operated in higher heat settings, the heated areas may be seen switching on and off. The reason for this is due to a safety device which prevents the glass itself from overheating. This is normal performance of the hob. If the temperature is increased, the ring is likely to stay a solid light until it has met the required temperature.

How does the hob remain hot if it is switching on and off?

When the hob light goes off, there will still be residual heat inside. The hob will still remain hot, and if the hob drops below the desired temperature, this is when it will light up to increase the heat. This means that the hob is effectively working to maintain the temperature.

Does this affect cooking times?

As a result of the hob turning off and on, you may experience a slight delay in cooking times. This is nothing to be concerned about. With these hobs, we recommend to adjust cooking times accordingly if necessary and do not leave the oven unattended. This is to ensure you get the best cooking results.

To summarise, you may experience the ring lights turning off and on during cooking but this is normal. If you need more information about the operation of the hob on your oven, please refer to your user manual or contact the relevant support team. You can browse our range of cookers, oven and hobs here.