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What Tumble Dryer is best for me?

With the autumn weather fast approaching many opt for drying laundry using a Tumble Dryer, but with all the different types and drum sizes it can be difficult to know what type is best for you.

Tumble Drying is a much quicker alternative to drying laundry inside on an Airer, which can take a lot longer, can increase humidity and create condensation on windows (not to mention the musty smell it can cause!). 

There are 3 main categories when it comes to Tumble Dryers. Condenser, Vented and Heat Pump. 


During the drying cycle the moisture from the wet laundry is collected in a container stored inside the tumble dryer. Once the container is full it can easily be removed and emptied. They cost more than a vented tumble dryer, but they can be used anywhere in your home or garage without the need of a hose or vent.


Vented tumble dryers require a hose which collects the moisture from the wet laundry and pumps it outside through a vent or an open window. They are more affordable than other types of tumble dryer, and will dry laundry quicker, however they are less energy-efficient. 

Heat Pump 

This is the more eco-friendly option. Much like the condenser the heat pump tumble dryers collect the moisture in a container, however they re-use the hot air from the drum making them a lot more energy-efficient. So although they are more expensive to buy, they are a lot less expensive to run. 


Before you invest in a tumble dryer it’s important to think about your requirements. 

  1. Where is it going to go?

You may be looking for an integrated tumble dryer, which can be concealed behind a cabinet door. Or, if you live in a flat or a small home, it might be worth considering a compact model rather than a full-sized tumble dryer.

  1. What features do I require?

Tumble dryers now come with a range of different features so it’s always worth looking into before purchasing. You may be after a tumble dryer that can be controlled using a smart phone, or one that includes a delay start timer so you can program your dryer to have your laundry ready for a certain time. 

  1. What size drum do I need? 

Another thing to think about is drum size. Tumble dryer drums come in a range of sizes from 7kg which is ideal for a couple, all the way up to 10kg to suit large family wash loads. 

  1. How much is it going to cost?

It’s always important to take cost in to consideration, not only for the initial price of the tumble dryer but for the long term electricity costs of running it. Some tumble dryers are more eco-friendly than others so it’s always good to look at their efficiency ratings before buying. 

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