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Keeping your Washing Machine clean

Now more than ever it’s important to maintain a clean home, and that includes your washing machine. If left washing machines can build up bacteria which can cause odours and leave laundry less than clean. 

There are lots of benefits to keeping a clean washing machine from avoiding mould, bad smells preventing break downs and removing bacteria from your laundry.



Where to start? 

Simply pop your empty washing machine on the hottest cycle, you can even add a washing machine cleaner or a bit of detergent to help things along but if not the hot water will definitely give the drum a good clean.   

Often forgotten, the detergent drawer can quickly become home to germs, mould, limescale and encrusted washing powder. Remove the drawer and simply scrub with hot soapy water. An old toothbrush is a great tool to get in all the hard to reach places. Don’t forget to clean the drawer cavity as well!

Most washing machines have a filter to collect lint, coins, tissues and other bits that go astray during washing. It can quickly become a haven for germs and odours, and without regular cleaning can potentially cause blockages and leaks. Before cleaning the filter, you must ensure the washing machine is switched off and always check the manual before removing any parts. Place a shallow tray under the filter to catch any water, open the filter door and remove the filter. Be sure to pull out anything that may be causing a block. Place the filter in some warm soapy water and clean off any dirt, don’t forget you can use an old toothbrush for scrubbing! Once clean give it a rinse and place back in the washing machine ensuring the filter door is closed.

White vinegar is perfect for cleaning washing machine seals. Simply add a few drops to a cloth and wipe along the seals, removing any dirt and bacteria as you go!  

Once your washing machine is clean, you can help keep it smelling fresh by allowing the drawers and door to stay open after every wash to let the air flow through to avoid damp smells from lingering.