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Deep fat fryers: Preventing oil splatters

Deep fat fryers are great for quick and convenient cooking, achieving crispy results. You may find times where oil splatters which can create a mess in the kitchen. In this article we outline our advice for preventing oil splatters when using your deep fat fryer. 

#1: Dry food thoroughly

One of the biggest causes of bubbling oil is water. You can prevent splatters by drying food thoroughly before frying. Excess moisture can lead to reactions in hot oil, which creates the oil splatters. You can pat the food dry with paper towels or air dry, which can make a significant difference to the cooking process. 

#2: Batter with care

Overloading food with batter can contribute to excessive splatters. Use a thin, even layer of batter to minimise the risk. This prevents the batter from rapidly expanding and creating a burst of oil when it comes into contact with the hot oil. 

#3: Control the temperature

It is important to maintain the right frying temperature for your food. If the temperature gets excessively high, it can cause the oil to boil vigorously, resulting in splatters. We recommend following temperature guidelines for different food types which can usually be found in your user manual. 

#4: Use a splatter screen or lid

Splatter screens or lids can help to tame oil splatters. This is because they help steam to escape the appliance whilst containing oil from jumping out. These can significantly reduce the mess. You may find your appliance comes with one, but alternatively you can purchase universal ones online or in-store at various retailers. 

#5: Monitor the frying process

Simply monitoring the frying process is an easy way to help prevent oil splatters. This is because you can see if the oil appears to be overheating, and thus adjust the heat to prevent it from bubbling to a splatter. We recommend regularly checking the progress of the cooking to keep control over the appliance. 

#6: Choose the right cooking oil

There are different cooking oils available to use in your fryer. It is important to note that different oils will have different smoke points. Oils with higher smoke points are less likely to splatter in your deep fat fryer. We recommend exploring the available options and research beforehand to check if it appropriate for your needs, any dietary requirements, and food being cooked. 

#7: Clean and maintain

If your fryer has a build-up of residue and dirt, then this can cause more splatters during the cooking process. To prevent this, ensure that you maintain and clean your appliance alongside the cleaning guidance outlined in your product manual. This means removing any physical debris which could be causing internal blockages. 

What should you do if the oil splatters during cooking?

If the oil still splatters during the frying process, we recommend turning off the heat quickly and using a lid or a splatter screen to prevent the oil from splattering any more. As a precaution, we recommend wearing an apron, long sleeves, and protective gloves when using a deep fat fryer to stay safe if oil does splatter. 


By understanding how to prevent splatters and minimise the mess, you can keep the frying process organised. Remember to refer to your user manual or contact the relevant support team for specific guidance on your appliance. 

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