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Condenser Tumble Dryers: Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having issues with programmes not starting on your tumble dryer, it can be inconvenient, especially if you have a pile of laundry to dry. In this article, we look at easy troubleshooting tips to resolve issues with your condenser tumble dryer.

Has the condenser drawer been emptied?

As part of your general maintenance for your appliance, you will be required to empty and clean the condenser drawer when necessary. Your appliance will usually flash an indicator to show that the condenser drawer needs emptying. If this is not emptied and the drawer remains full, the dryer may struggle to operate and heat up effectively.

Has the lint filter been cleaned?

Similar to the condenser drawer, the lint filter will need to be cleaned regularly. The lint filter is usually a tray that sits at the front near the door of the dryer. Tumble dryers usually flash an indicator light if the filter needs to be checked, otherwise we would recommend checking this every few washes. Generally, the filters can be cleaned by removing and gently tapping/brushing away any build-up of debris.

Has the moisture/humidity sensor been cleaned?

Your appliance is likely to have a moisture/humidity sensor inside the drum. It may be located near the front or back of the appliance, often near the location of the lint filter housing. This sensor is important to the appliance as it senses when the clothing is dry enough and then ends the cycle. Over time, it is possible that dirt may build up on the sensor making it difficult for the appliance to sense when to end the cycle, and create problems with programmes. To prevent this, it may need to be cleaned periodically. The sensor can be cleaned by gently wiping away any build up.

Is the appliance overloaded or underloaded?

It is also important to check the load sizes being used for a cycle. If too many items of clothing are crammed into the machine, the tumble dryer may struggle to turn and as a result the programme may stop. To rectify this, reduce the load size, or increase slightly if necessary, to see if this improves.

Has a time delay been set?

If you have set a time delay on your appliance, this may prevent programmes from starting immediately. Time delays are when you set a delay for your appliance to start, so if you are leaving the house your appliance will come on at a certain time. We recommend removing the time delay and trying again.

Is the door closing fully?

If the door has not shut fully and clicked into place, the cycle will not start as the machine has a safety mechanism in place. To rectify this, reopen the door, check there is nothing stuck that could be preventing from closing, and then shut again ensuring it clicks into place.


By following our tips and carrying out general maintenance, you should be able to get your tumble dryer up and running again. You can browse all tumble dryers here.