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Coffee Pod Machines: How, why and when to clean them

Pod coffee machines have revolutionised our morning routines, making it easier than ever to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with minimal effort. However, like any appliance, they require regular maintenance to function optimally and ensure your coffee tastes its best. Cleaning your pod coffee machine is essential not just for performance, but also for hygiene. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to keep your machine in tip-top shape. 

Why regular cleaning is important:

  1. Consistent coffee flavour: Residue from old coffee pods can affect the taste of your brew.  
  2. Machine longevity: Regular cleaning prevents build-up that can lead to internal malfunctions.  
  3. Hygiene: Coffee machines can harbour bacteria and Mould if not cleaned properly. 
  4. Efficiency: A clean machine operates more efficiently, saving you time and energy. 

Steps on basic cleaning:

  1. Unplug and Disassemble Before you start, make sure the machine is unplugged. Remove all detachable parts, such as the water reservoir, drip tray, and pod holder. 
  2. Clean Detachable Parts Wash these parts with warm, soapy water. Use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching. Pay special attention to the pod holder, as coffee oils and residues tend to build up here. Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry. 
  3. Wipe Down the Exterior Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the machine. This will remove dust and any coffee spills that may have occurred.
  4. Descale the Machine Descaling is crucial to remove mineral build-up that can clog the machine's internal components. Follow these steps:
  • Prepare the Solution: Fill the water reservoir with equal parts white vinegar and water or use a commercial descaling solution according to the package instructions. Always refer to the user manual for specific instructions.  
  • Run a Brew Cycle: Place a mug on the drip tray and run a brew cycle without inserting a coffee pod. This allows the vinegar solution to pass through the machine, cleaning the internal components. 
  • Repeat: Run several cycles until the reservoir is empty. If your machine has a descaling setting, use it. 
  • Rinse: Fill the reservoir with fresh water and run multiple cycles to rinse out any vinegar residue. This may take 2-3 full reservoirs of water to ensure no vinegar taste remains. 

5. Clean the Needle The needle that punctures the coffee pod can become clogged with coffee grounds. Use a small brush or a toothpick to clean it carefully. Some machines come with a special tool for this purpose. Please refer to the user manual.   

6. Reassemble and Run a Test Brew Once all parts are clean and dry, reassemble the machine. Run a test brew with just water to ensure everything is working correctly and there are no lingering tastes from the cleaning process.

Tips for Ongoing Maintenance:

  • Daily: Empty the drip tray and wash the pod holder. 
  • Weekly: Wipe down the exterior and check the needle for clogs. 
  • Monthly: Descale the machine, especially if you have hard water. 
  • After Each Use: Remove used coffee pods promptly to prevent Mould and bacteria growth. 


Regular cleaning of your pod coffee machine is essential for maintaining its performance and ensuring your coffee always tastes fresh. With just a few simple steps, you can keep your machine in excellent condition, ready to deliver that perfect cup every morning. Looking for a new coffee machine? View our full range here.