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Air Fryers: Your cleaning queries answered.

Air fryers are easy to use tech to offer quick cooking solutions. Whilst they offer great convenience, it is important not to forget the need to keep them clean to keep them efficient. In this article we cover what you need to know about cleaning your air fryer. 

How often should air fryers be cleaned?

Your air fryer should be cleaned after every usage. Although cleaning instructions can vary by model, they will all need to be cleaned of any food or debris. This is important for basic hygiene so that you can be sure it is clean for the next batch of food being cooked.  

What is the best method for cleaning air fryers?

There is no best way for cleaning that can be applied to all air fryers, as each model will have specific guidance. However, we recommend wiping the main body with a damp clean cloth, and cleaning any removable accessories with warm soapy water. Like with most appliances, we recommend avoiding harsh abrasive cleaners. 

What utensils can be used to clean?

You may find that your appliance has specific non-stick coating. This is significant when looking at the cleaning method that needs to be used. To protect this coating, metal utensils and abrasive cleaning materials should be avoided as this can cause damage to the non-stick coating, which over time can affect the performance of the appliance. 

Are air fryers dishwasher safe?

In general, the air fryer as a whole is unlikely to be dishwasher safe. The reason for this is due to the electrics and internal components. However, you may find that certain accessories are fine to put in the dishwasher to clean. For example, the handle may be removable. To check if these parts are dishwasher safe, refer to the user manual. 


How to get rid of smells from an air fryer?

If the smell happens on the first time usage, it could be down to the protective coating. Some appliances may need the fryer to be used a few times to get rid of the smell. If it persists after a few uses, it may mean the appliance needs to be cleaned. The most important areas to check for hidden food that could be causing smells would be near the heating coil or cooking chamber, as small pieces of debris could become stuck. 

Remember to always consult your user manual or contact the support team for the correct guidance on cleaning your appliance.