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Why doesn’t my fan blow cold air?

Fans are an essential piece of tech for summer nights. Without them, you may have a restless night from being too warm. But what can we do if the fan isn’t blowing cold air?  

Before we begin, it is important to understand that normal household fans do not produce cold air, but they circulate the air which creates a cooling effect from the breeze. In this article, we look at the main areas you can look at to get a cooler breeze from your fan. 

Try different speeds  

Some fans have different speed settings which you can utilise and adjust to your preference. Whilst it may be tempting to put on a higher speed to cool the air, it can sometimes make the air feel warmer if the room temperature is very warm. This is because the fan will circulate warm air and the breeze sensation may not be effective. We recommend trying a higher and lower setting to see which seems cooler for you and offers you the most comfort. 

Remove any obstructions and clear from dust

You may notice that over time the blades on your fan become dull with dust. This dust can reduce the effectiveness of the airflow. We recommend inspecting the blades and cleaning them with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt and debris. Similarly, remove any obstructions from the front of the fan, such as furniture, which could block the airflow and negatively impact performance. 

Cleaning the filter

If your fan has an air or dust filter to keep the air pure, you should ensure that this is cleaned regularly. Over time, the build-up in these filters can restrict the airflow and, as a result, it hinders the ability to effectively circulate air. By clearing these, your fan will be able to create a cooling breeze effect. 

Getting the best placement for top performance

Where you position your fan plays a huge factor in the ability to create a cool breeze. If you want some cooler air, we recommend moving your fan nearer to open spaces such as windows and doors, the fan will help pull in and provide cool air from the outdoors. The fan will then be able to circulate this air and create a cooling indoor breeze. 


So, to sum up, always remember a standard fan does not actually cool the air but cools you through the breeze it creates. You can improve the cooling effect by trying different speeds, keeping the fan clear from any obstructions, clearing any air filters, and positioning in open areas to optimise the performance. Remember to check your user manual for any tips and tricks specific to your fan. 

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