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Wet & Dry Vacuums: Are they necessary for the home?

Keeping our homes clean has become easier than ever with so many different appliances available to help us. You may have heard of a wet and dry vacuum. These are different to standard household vacuums as they can vacuum both liquids and solids. You may be thinking, is this necessary? In this article we look at the reasons why wet and dry vacuums are necessary for the home and the difference they can make to your cleaning routine. 

Effortless cleaning of liquid spills 

Unlike standard vacuums, wet and dry vacuums can tackle liquid spills. This means they can be used to vacuum away spilt drinks and general leaks. This is ideal when you are short for time and need to clean up the mess quickly. 


Easy cleaning up after pets

There are vacuum cleaners available which are designed to tackle cleaning up pet hair in the home. If you don’t have one of these, a wet and dry vacuum can be a great alternative. Due to their great suctioning ability, they can vacuum up pet hair, mud, and general mess with ease. 

Gives the ability to clean outdoor spaces

If you need to tidy up your patio or garden, then a wet and dry vacuum can help to achieve this. They are ideal for cleaning up patios, driveways and even artificial grass. Their vacuuming technology and ability to suction up liquids makes then ideal for cleaning up dried leaves and dirt from the garden. 

Please note, not all wet and dry vacuums can be used outdoors so be sure to check your user manual for advice on where to use. 

Integrated blower function

Many wet and dry vacuums also have a blower function. This means you can turn the hose or extension nozzle into a leaf blower to help clean up your garden. Depending on the size of the nozzle, you may also find the blower nozzle can be utilised as a deflation tool for items such as inflatable paddling pools and air beds. 

Simple maintenance

Like with any appliance, keeping well-maintained is crucial for a long lifespan. Luckily, most wet and dry vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain; they will usually have a few filters which need to be removed, emptied and cleaned to keep the vacuum running smoothly. 

Save time and energy from switching tools.

Finally, the main highlight of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is that they can save you time from switching between different cleaning tools. Rather than going to grab a mop, then cloths, then a vacuum, you can clean surfaces in one go. 

Final thoughts

Wet and dry vacuums can make a significant difference to your household cleaning routine, giving you the ability to give a thorough clean with one appliance. It is important to note that a wet and dry vacuum cannot replace appliances such as steam mops, so for a total clean we recommend using it alongside your other tools. 

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