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Spring Cleaning Guide: The Patio

When doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget the most important part…spring! This means it is the time to get our garden furniture out and think about spending more time outside. You can focus your cleaning efforts outside and on the patio. Here are our tips for cleaning the patio.

Sweep away the mess

You’ll want to start your patio cleaning by sweeping away all the mess that has built up over the winter months. Generally, this will be twigs and leafs. We recommend sweeping it into a pile and putting it in your garden waste bin (or if you have one your compost bin/ heap).

Trim the edges

To keep your patio neat and tidy, you will need to trim the edges of the grass. You can use a pair of scissors, clippers, or electric garden tools to achieve this. Cutting the grass around the patio show that the whole patio is on display. This keeps organised, but also can make the patio seem bigger and spacious.

Use a pressure washer to deep clean the patio

If you have a pressure washer, you can deep clean the patio of dirt or moss that may have appeared over winter. Many pressure washers have different tools or modes you can utilise this to get the best results. Spray tools can help to clean the whole surface, whilst high pressure nozzles can target stains. Some washers have dedicated attachments for patio cleaning. These accessories are especially good as usually they’re designed to reduce any back-splash or spray from the washer. Alternatively, you can try spraying a cleaning solution of water and mild soap (if suitable for your patio) to clean away stubborn dirt. You can read more on transforming your garden with a pressure washer here.

Get your furniture out of storage and clean

Spring means it is time to get the furniture out of storage. Once brought out of storage, your furniture should be wiped down using the method most appropriate for the material. Many seat covers are removable and machine washable, but always check the guidance on the product.  For most things, a clean, damp cloth should be suffice to remove any debris or dust that has built up. Depending on your furniture, you may also wish to give it a protective coating before putting out for the spring and summer months. For more on protecting your garden furniture, click here.

Clean any garden décor

You’ll need to clean your garden décor to keep it looking fresh. For solid ornaments, you can use a pressure washer to remove stubborn dirt. For more delicate ornaments, you may need to opt for a damp cloth and cleaning solution. If you have any solar lighting positioned in the garden you can use a damp cloth to wipe any dirt from the fixture. This keeps them looking shiny, but taking care of solar lights helps to maintain their effectiveness as it means the panels themselves will not be blocked from receiving sunlight.

Using these tips you should be able to get your patio ready for spring in no time. To finish the look, why not invest in some new patio plants to brighten the area?

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