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Indoor plants: Green hacks for healthy growth

Indoor plants are all the rage. If you’re a plant parent, you will know the importance of looking after your plants to keep them healthy and strong. In this article we have highlighted some easy hacks you can use in the home to help your indoor plants grow. 

Please note, these are general tips suitable for many indoor plants. We recommend checking how to care for your specific plant in case any of these suggestions are not suitable. 

Use eggshell as a fertiliser

Eggshells make a great fertiliser. Not only are they a way to reduce your food waste if you’ve eaten eggs but their calcium and vitamins help to strengthen plants. To use them as fertiliser, rinse the eggshells, dry them overnight or a day, crush them up into small pieces and add them into the compost of the plant pot. If the plant is already growing, you can add it to the top of the soil for a sprinkle of slow release fertiliser. 

Banana peels make a nutrient-rich fertiliser

If you have any banana or peels left over, they can be used to feed your plants. They bring many benefits such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. To use them on your indoor plants, we recommend making your own liquid fertiliser. Cut the banana peels into small pieces, place in a bucket or container with water and leave for 2-3 days. After this time has passed, you can strain the liquid and spray it onto the leaves of your plants. You can also on many plants rub the inside of the peels directly onto plants such as peace lily's to both remove dust and nourish the leaves. We recommend if doing this to try on a small area first to check there is no damage to your plant. 

Coffee grounds help to give a nitrogen boost

Coffee grounds can be used to make a nice drink but can also be used to feed your plants. We recommend using used coffee grounds which are left over from your drink rather than fresh; fresh grounds can have high acidity which isn’t always great for your plants. To use the coffee grounds, we suggest simply adding the grounds to a compost mix and when ready you can add this to the soil. 

Make pest control with cinnamon

Cinnamon is sweet and can be added to dishes for a bit of flavour, but you can also add it to your plants for a simple pesticide. You can sprinkle cinnamon on the top layer of soil which can help to kill pests and deter more from trying to eat your plant. 

Add tea bags to your compost

If you use compost for your house plants, you can make it rich with nutrients with the help of tea bags. Once you are done with your tea bag, cut it open and pour the tea into the compost. Alternatively, you can place the bag in the compost (making sure it is compostable before doing so!). When the compost pile is ready, you can add it to the plant soil to provide a nutritious feed. 

Re-purpose plastic bottles to make your own self-watering system

We are all on a mission to reduce waste, so why not re-purpose your plastic bottles? Simply rinse out to clean, poke a small hole in the lid, fill with water, and place the bottle upside-down lid first into the soil. Water will slowly trickle out of the lid, watering your plants. 


By using these simple green hacks in the home, you can help your indoor plants to grow and save costs and waste! Remember to consult any specific care advice for your plant to be sure it stays healthy.