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Furniture Support: Why are my cushions misshapen?

The allure of sinking into a comfortable sofa or chair is unmatched, but when your once-plump cushions start to lose their shape, it can be a source of frustration. Misshapen cushions not only compromise the aesthetics of your furniture but can also impact your comfort. In this article we look at the reasons your cushions may lose shape and possible solutions to restore. 

Natural settlement of cushions 

Over time, cushions undergo a natural process called settlement. As you sit, lean, and lounge on them, the filling inside compresses and settles, leading to a decrease in loft and overall plumpness. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in new cushions as the materials adjust to your body and usage.  

You can’t stop natural settlement, but you can try to fluff the cushions back up to counteract effects. Gently pat and shake the cushions to distribute the filling evenly and restore their loft. Regularly flipping or rotating cushions also promotes even wear and prevents them from becoming misshapen. 

Your cushions require re-plumping 

Cushions benefit from regular re-plumping. Over time, the filling can become compacted, leading to a loss of volume and support. Re-plumping involves manually fluffing up the cushions to restore their original shape and buoyancy.  

To effectively do this, we recommend having a consistent re-plumping routine around your general housework. For example, re-plumping once a week, or even daily if you can. To do this, shake and pat the cushion to redistribute any filling. 

Uneven weight distribution 

Cushions are designed to bear the weight of occupants evenly. However, when individuals consistently favour one side or section of a sofa or chair, it can lead to uneven weight distribution on the cushions. This imbalance can cause certain areas to compress more than others, resulting in misshapen cushions.  

To remedy this, we recommend encouraging a balanced distribution of weight by adjust seating positions regularly. If you find one side of a seat is being used more frequently, then rotate the cushions to ensure that compression is spread across the entire surface.  

Your cushions need to be cleaned 

Some cushions may appear misshapen, but it is that the cushion covers need cleaning. Fabric such as velvet may give the illusion of a misshapen cushion when the fibres are pushed in or dirty. To remedy this, follow the cleaning instructions for your cushion and cushion cover to remove any dirt and improve the appearance. 

Support summary

Misshapen cushions are a common concern and annoyance to some, but understanding why this happens can help you to breathe new life into them. From addressing natural settlement through regular fluffing to promoting even usage and weight distribution, these solutions can help to restore the shape of your cushions. 

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