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Caring for your leather sofa

Leather sofas are a great investment for those who love to style their interiors. According to statistics from 2018, about 35% of all upholstered furniture sold worldwide is covered in leather. The furniture’s popularity surrounds their stylish appearance, the hypoallergenic nature of the material, and their stain resistant properties. In this article we highlight our advice for caring for your leather sofa.

When arranging your furniture, you should avoid positioning your sofa in direct sunlight. This is because sun rays can damage leather upholstery. Sunlight may fade out the colour and the heat can result in cracks in the leather. We would recommend keeping out of direct sunlight and placing somewhere a bit open, away from windows. This will help to let the material breathe and avoid getting too hot. Other surroundings to consider when positioning would be keeping away from any nearby heat sources such as lamps and radiators to prevent the material from heating.

To protect your sofa you can use products specifically designed to look after the material. Leather conditioner helps to prevent leather from drying out and extends the life of the product. This not only keeps the material intact and comfortable to sit on, but helps to maintain the appearance. Leather conditioner is available from various retailers and you should read the product information carefully before use to confirm it is correct for your sofa. It is recommended to use conditioner on every 6 to 12 months to help to maintain.

Although leather is considered relatively stain resistant, it should still be cleaned and caution should be taken in the event of any spillages. You should blot up any excess spillage using a clean, dry cloth to remove. Do not rub as this will rub it into the material. This process can be repeated to remove the spillage. For stains, avoid using soap and abrasive cleaners when cleaning. Instead, use a dampened clean cloth and dab the furniture gently. You can also try using leather stain remover, which is available from various retailers.

You should always refer to your user manual, care label or contact the relevant support team for specific guidance, and care advice on your product. You can browse our full range of sofas here.