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Tired of tangled Christmas lights? Try these storage tips!

How much time do you think you spend each year untangling another string of Christmas lights? It can be a nuisance for all of us, and whilst it doesn’t take the joy out of Christmas, it sure can feel like it in the moment. Tangled lights aren’t only a pain to untangle, but they also pose a potential to damage the lights when untangling. This is because we pull the wires to untangle them, which can cause them to stretch and break. In this article, we provide some easy tips to consider when storing your lights so that next year you can be tangle-free. 

Try a cord winder

A cord winder is a quick and easy solution to avoid tangling. If you aren’t familiar with them, a cord winder is usually a small device that you can wind your cords around to keep them secure. The benefit of a cord winder is that you can turn the handle so that the wire can wrap itself up easily without the hassle of manually wrapping it up. 


Wrap the lights around a cardboard roll

If you want to wrap the lights up effectively, but don’t want to invest in a cord winder, then try using a simple cardboard roll to get similar results. Try wrapping the lights carefully around a cardboard roll before storing. This keeps the lights in one place, avoiding the risk of tangling with another set. 

Secure with zip ties

Zip ties are an easy method to keep the lights secure by tying them up. A zip tie keeps the lights together in one place, making it difficult for the lights to accidentally wrap around each other. The downside of this is that once the zip tie is used, you cannot re-use it and would need to use another zip tie. 


Label each string of lights

Another method of avoiding tangling lights is by keeping organised. When putting away, why not label each string of lights with something like a sticker? For example, Christmas Tree lights or Hallway Lights. By doing this, you will know what you’re picking up when it comes to decorating, and can reduce the risk of entanglement in the search for the correct lights. 

Seal within a zip seal bag

If you have any spare zip seal bags available, then you can put individual strings of lights within these to keep separate. Of course, these may only be appropriate for smaller sets of lights but can still be effective. 

Consider a storage container

Alternatively, another simple solution is using a storage container which is useful for larger sets of lights. We recommend putting each set of lights in a separate storage container. This ensures that the lights do not tangle up by themselves whilst stored away. You can check out our storage containers here. 


With these simple storage techniques, your Christmas lights should hopefully be tangle-free next year and you can decorate your home with no stress. You can see all of our Christmas lights here.