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Keep your cool: Preventing your phone from overheating this summer

With the increased heat we have had in the UK in the past few weeks, you may have noticed times when your tech devices have become a bit warmer than normal. In particular, you may have noticed your phone becoming warm or showing a heat warning to cool down. This is due to the normal processing of the phone working alongside the increased temperatures. This can be problematic when using your phone, as it can result in the battery draining quicker and the phone switching itself off. In this article, we look at simple ways to avoid your phone from overheating. 

Give your device room to breathe

Your phone should always have room to ventilate in the hot weather. This means ensuring there is space for the air to circulate and not keeping it in a confined space in a heated environment. Similarly, avoid leaving the phone in direct sunlight as this will increase the temperature of the phone. To avoid this, we recommend keeping it in a shaded area away from sunlight, preferably with space for air to ventilate around it to cool down. A stand holding it vertical could help with this. 

Avoid intensive usage

Whilst it’s tempting to utilise all the features on your phone, when it is hot you should avoid this and limit the apps used as it can generate a considerable amount of heat. To tackle this, we suggest giving your phone time to cool down by taking breaks. You can do this by leaving the phone indoors in a shaded area, and going out to enjoy the sunshine to minimise over-using and overheating. 


Keep your software up-to-date

We recommend always keeping your phone’s software up-to-date. This is particularly important in preventing overheating as new updates can optimise performance. This means that there may be updates which could address the phone from overheating and improve the general functionality of the phone. To ensure it is up-to-date, regularly check for updates in your system settings and always perform the necessary update if your phone notifies you of this. 

Optimise power usage

Another way to prevent overheating is by optimising the power being used. You should try switching battery-saving mode on to conserve power and avoid your phone from overworking and overheating. You can try methods such as lowering screen brightness as this uses less power to light up the screen. Similarly, you can turn off background activity to reduce the heat build-up from services such as Bluetooth and GPS. 



It’s important to consider the factors that we have outlined. By using our tips, you can keep your phone cool and prevent it from overheating. You can read more of our blogs by clicking here.