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Do you really need a screen protector?

Our smartphones and tablets are incredibly important to us, so of course we want to keep these safe and protected. One way to do this is with a screen protector. You may already have a screen protector, or you may be considering one. In this article we look at if you really need a screen protector for your device. 

What is a screen protector?

A screen protector is a protective film or sheet that sits on your device’s screen to protect it. It works as an extra layer to prevent direct contact with the sensitive screen underneath. This is significant as damage to the screen can affect the functionality and performance of smartphones and tablets, and can also be costly to repair. 


How do you fit a screen protector?

To fit a screen protector, you will firstly need to check you have the right one for your phone. You will need to search by your model of phone to ensure the screen protector will fit your screen perfectly. Once you have the correct size, you will need to clean the screen from any dust or debris. Most kits will come with a cleaning tool, but if not you can use a standard phone screen cleaning wipe. Next, place the protector on top, aligning correctly with the outline of the screen. When in position, you can remove any air bubbles with the provided tool to gently scrape the bubbles to the outside of the screen. 

What are the benefits of using a screen protector?

They offer protection against accidental damage. Most manufacturing warranties will not cover any form of accidental damage. A screen protector can reduce the impact on the screen so if your phone slips or hits a surface, it is less likely to damage the screen underneath. Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of damage from occurring if the phone is dropped but it is a simple way to improve your chances. 

As well as protecting from accidental damage, a protector can also defend against fingerprint smudges. Phone screens are prone to getting fingerprint marks from usage, so this stops this from being an issue. As a result, this makes it easier to clean your screen. You can simply wipe the surface of the protector with a wipe without even touching the screen. This keeps the main surface clean and you don’t need to worry about wiping the screen itself. 

You can also get extra protection on your screen with a privacy screen protector by protecting the information on it. These black out the screen at other angles except for the forward facing angle. This means that if someone is looking at your screen from the side, they will not be able to see what is showing. 

What other ways can you protect your device?

It isn’t only screen protectors that can protect your device, but investing in a good phone case can make a significant difference. There are many, many available, but you’ll want to pick something tough or shockproof to reduce the impact from any accidental drops. These cases do tend to be thicker than the average phone case, but the benefits of protection are worth it. 

To summarise…

We recommend always using a screen protector to reduce the risks of anything happening to your device’s screen. You can view all of our mobile phone screen protectors here.