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Christmas 2023: Tech gifting ideas

Christmas is a time of year full of joy and laughter, but we can often find ourselves caught in the stress of what gift to get. There are so many options out there depending on the recipient, the nature of your relationships, and your general budget. Tech is increasingly popular, so in this article, we have highlighted some of our favourite tech to gift this year. 

Gifts for kids

Gifting for kids can sometimes be harder than it sounds. You want to choose something they will enjoy but not get bored of. Luckily, with tech there are usually updates and changes which can keep them entertained. With a variety of games to choose from, a handheld games console such as the Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect gift for a young gamer. The handheld nature means it is portable so can keep them occupied on the go or used in various rooms. Pictured below is the Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Console (207/8243).


Another favourite is a tablet, such as an Amazon Fire HD tablet. This is an easy way to introduce your child to smart devices. You can help them to explore different apps from fun games to educational support.  Pictured below is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet (308/1930).



Gifts for adults

If you’re buying a gift for a tech lover, there are many options to choose from. For example, if you’re buying for someone who loves films and TV shows, but perhaps hasn’t tried smart streaming services yet, then a streaming stick is a great option. This will give them access to many on demand services and explore new shows they may not have seen before. Pictured below is the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite (215/0628).


A different gift option is an e-reader, which is perfect for any book lovers, or someone who wants to start reading, but doesn’t have the space for lots of books. An e-reader allows a whole digital library to be carried around on the go without any worry of carrying a bag full of books. Pictured below is the Kobo Clara 2E Wi-Fi E-Reader (116/1670).


Food gifting

Buying for a food lover or someone who has a passion for cooking? Then a good place to start might be some kitchen tech. An air fryer is a great option, offering low-energy cooking and quite versatile when it comes to the range of dishes you can cook. You may wish to go for a single basket air fryer, or choose one with 2 baskets to provide dual cooking. Pictured below is the Instant 6-in-1 Vortex Air Fryer (896/3857).


Similarly, if you’re buying for someone who loves to be in the kitchen, why not look at ways to assist them in their cooking preparation? Hand blenders, mixers, and choppers are good choices as they can help to get meals ready from chopping vegetables to mixing cake batter. Pictured below is the Ninja Foodi 3-in-1 Hand Blender, Mixer & Chopper (140/5570).


Another great gift for a foodie is a panini press. This can encourage an exploration of new and exciting panini recipes which can be made easily by simply popping the panini inside and pressing. Featured below is the Cookworks 2 Portion Panini Press (888/5681). 

Gifts for pampering

If you’re gifting for someone who likes to relax, or for someone you think needs to unwind, then we recommend a pampering gift. Massage guns are for those who are serious about relaxing their bodies or helping to rehabilitate and recover. Most massage guns will have different speed settings for comfort, as well as different heads to help target different areas of the body. Pictured below is the LOLA Massage Gun (312/3757).


Music gifts

Gifting for music lovers can sometimes seem complicated if you’re not sure on the exact music they like, however you can take a step back and focus on getting some tech to help them enjoy their music regardless of the genre. Wireless headphones are a good option, offering listening ease with no wires, and the ability to connect with smart phones and other devices via Bluetooth. Pictured below is the Marshall Major IV Fold Wireless Headphones (949/2530).



So, what will you pick?

Still not sure? We recommend reaching out to the recipient to gauge their interests to get a clearer picture and go from there. If you want some ideas from last year, why not check out our Christmas 2022 overview.