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10 tips and tricks for using your air cooler this summer

If the heat is getting to you this summer, why not consider introducing an air cooler into the home? They can provide a cost-effective solution for cooling your home if you do not have air conditioning installed. An air cooler works by filling a tank with water which evaporates and blows out of the appliance, giving a cooling effect. In this article, we highlight our top 10 tips and tricks to effectively use your air cooler. 

Optimal placement

Firstly, we recommend placing your air cooler near open windows or doors. This allows proper ventilation and aids in the circulation of fresh air. When doing this, be sure to be mindful of the positioning so that it does not become a trip hazard. 

Cross Ventilation

You can also strategically place the air cooler to create a cross-ventilation effect. You can do this by positioning between open windows and doors so there is a constant air flow, or position it opposite another fan or cooling device. This ensures that the air in the room is effectively circulating. 


You can use pre-cooling as a method to get the most out of your air cooler. Before switching the unit on, place a bowl of ice cubs or a wet towel in front of the fan area. When the cooler is turned on, it can enhance the cooling effect in the air. If you are to try this method, ensure that you do not position it too close to the air cooler to keep it away from the electrics, also ensure that it is not in an area that someone may accidentally it knock over. 

Regular maintenance

You can keep your air cooler working more effectively by regularly maintaining it. You should clean the filters and water tank to prevent anything from clogging up which could affect the airflow. This will ensure that the air circulated is clean and circulates effectively. 

Adequate water supply

As your air cooler will require the water tank to be filled for it to work correctly, you should ensure that your appliance has enough water at all times. Without the water, it will run dry and will not perform correctly. We recommend filling to the max line when first turning on for the day, and checking the water level every few hours in case it needs refilling. 

Night-time cooling

We recommend using your air cooler at night to prevent the humidity from ruining your sleep. By allowing it to cool your room through the night, it ensures that when you wake in the morning the room is cool. 

Timer function

If your appliance has a timer function, you can utilise this to make things more convenient for you. The timer functions will usually allow for the unit to turn off or on at certain times. This means that you can set it to turn on during parts of the day when it gets warmer or you want the air to be cooler.  

Humidity control

If you have a dehumidifier, you may wish to use it alongside your air cooler. As air coolers work best in dryer environments, you can use the dehumidifier to reduce the air moisture, and then use the air cooler to cool the air. 

Ventilation adjustment

If your air cooler has adjustable vents, you can use this to your advantage. This is because adjusting the vents on your air cooler can make the air flow more effective. You can do this by changing the direction of the air flow to improve the coverage and circulation in the room. 

Regular air circulation 

Finally, our last tip for using your air cooler effectively is to keep the air circulated even when the cooler is not in use. This will help to maintain air circulation and prevent the air from becoming stagnant, meaning you can enjoy fresher air all day. 

To conclude

Air coolers can be utilised in different ways to get the best results, and by using these tips you can effectively use your air cooler this summer. You can view all of our air conditioning by clicking here.