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Looking after your electric lawn mower

With spring approaching, many of us will be thinking of getting our garden tools out to tidy our lawns. Electric garden tools, such as lawn mowers, have become increasingly popular. In this article we look at the most important things to consider when looking after your electric lawn mower. 

Regularly cleaning the blades

When using your lawn mower, the underside and blades are likely to get very dirty from grass and debris in the garden. After mowing, this is likely to dry onto the blades and get stuck, and as time passes it may affect the performance as the blades will struggle to cut. To prevent this, it is better to clean anything off straight after you’ve finished. This stops grass and debris from dying on. Remove dirt with a damp soft cloth.  

Cleaning the rollers and wheels

The wheels and rollers should also be cleaned regularly. This can be done in a similar way to cleaning the blades. Clean any debris off straight away after finishing and remove any dirt with a cloth. This will help to keep the wheels operating as normal and prevent them from getting stuck. 

Being mindful of weather conditions

Although any dirt and grass can be cleaned off the blades, you can prevent the build-up in the machine by avoiding using the machine in harsh and damp weather. This will also prevent dirt and excess moisture from getting in deeper areas of the lawn mower, which could lead to problems later on. 

Remembering to check bolts

You should regularly check that the structure of the lawn mower is in proper working order. One way to do this is by checking that any bolts or components are tight. This is because during the operation of the lawn mower, the vibrations can cause parts to wiggle off. To tighten them, you can use a wrench or another tool to keep secure. 

Applying protection

You may find it necessary to apply protection and lubricant to parts of the lawn mower. Moveable parts, such as wheels, may need lubricant on the metal axle to maintain and increase the lifespan of the unit. 

Considering storage

It is important to choose the correct location to store your lawn mower. Although the main concern of storage is to place the lawn mower in a safe location, the temperature of the location should also be considered. This is especially important if you own a battery powered mower, as the battery will need to be kept in an area that is not extremely hot or extremely cold.  Exposure to extreme temperatures will reduce the battery life and capacity. This means that it should be stored in an insulated shed or garage if planning to keep in an outbuilding.  


Keeping batteries clean

The batteries for electric lawnmowers can be removed for charging. As part of the battery maintenance, you can wipe down the battery and connections with a dry cloth. This helps to improve the connection and keep the lawn mower effectively powered.  


By doing the basics you can ensure your electric lawn mower will be performing well. For more tips and product information, check out our full list of blogs and articles here.