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Electric Lawn Mowers: The battery basics

It is important to look after your electric lawn mower in every aspect. Although charging a lawn mower seems straight forward, taking care of the batteries should also be a significant part of your general maintenance. By keeping them working effectively, it can make the unit last longer when charged and prevent performance related issues from occurring. In this article we have outlined the basics to taking care of your lawn mower battery. 

#1. Only use the equipment designed for your lawn mower.

When charging or operating your lawn mower, you should only use the specific battery/charger designed for the unit. This means ensuring that any voltage or energy rating is compatible and matches with the unit. If not followed, it may not operate or could cause issues with the internal workings of the lawn mower. To prevent this, always use the supplied parts and if needing a replacement, contact the relevant support team to locate the parts. 

#2. Store in the correct environment.

Most lawn mowers will to be stored in a shed or garage. However, battery powered lawn mowers generally need to be stored inside. If this cannot be done, the battery and charger will need to be brought inside. This is because colder temperatures can negatively affect the life span of batteries. This can be avoided by keeping them inside, and at room temperature.  

#3. Remove battery when storing if necessary.

If your unit has a removable battery, we recommend taking this out before storage. The reason for this is that if it remains in the lawn mower it is possible for it to slowly lose charge when being stored. Depending on how long this is left in the unit before the next use, it is possible this can affect the battery life between charges. Similarly, if it is left in the unit without being used for a long period of time, corrosion of the battery could occur. 


#4. Do not use if damaged.

Operating a lawn mower with a damaged battery, such as physical markings or rust, should be avoided at all costs. If the unit is used with a damaged battery, it poses a risk and can cause issues with the internal electrics of the lawn mower. This is because damage can affect the general performance and ability to power the unit. Similarly, a damaged battery can pose a safety risk so in the event a battery is damaged it should be removed from the unit and the appropriate support team for your product should be contacted. 

#5. Avoid overcharging.

The battery should only be charged when necessary. This means that it should not be left on charge if it has already received a full charge. By leaving it on charge for too long, the battery can become over-charged which can actually reduce the battery life. To prevent this, check for battery indication lights on your lawn mower and only put the battery back on charge if indicated to do so. 

To summarise

Whilst the basics of looking after your lawn mower battery can be quite straightforward, with care for your batteries it makes a big difference into the lifespan and performance of your purchase. 

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