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A guide to pressure washer attachments

If you’re new to the world of pressure washing you may be wondering why there are usually a range of optional attachments. These attachments all serve different functions and can make your pressure washer experience more effective. Below we put together a brief overview of the most common attachments you may come across with your pressure washer. 

Please note, the attachments looked at in this article may not apply to every model of pressure washer. Please check your user manual for information on the attachments on your model and for any specific usage instructions. 

Spray nozzles 

The spray nozzle is the attachment most are familiar with when looking at pressure washers. It is used to deliver a concentrated, high-pressured stream. You will usually find a few different sizes of the spray nozzle which may have a wider nozzle to fit a larger surface area. Use this attachment to target areas and thoroughly clean. 

Rotary and turbo nozzles 

A rotary or turbo nozzle is essentially a spray nozzle with a bit more power. Generally, you will find they can rotate as they spray which delivers a stronger stream. This is useful for removing tougher dirt and grime. 

Detergent and foam nozzles 

If you need some extra assistance with cleaning, then a detergent nozzle is a smart choice. These nozzles may have a cleaning solution inside, or you can attach a bottle of cleaning solution to it. When spraying, the pressure washer will flush the water out with the cleaning solution to make a detergent mix. This is particularly useful when cleaning cars or windows as you can ensure you are removing dirt and leaving a shiny finish. 


Surface and patio attachments 

Another useful attachment to be aware of is a patio attachment. If your pressure washer has one of these, you will usually be able to identify it by its larger surface area. These attack to the bottom of the pressure washer nozzle, almost like a floor head, and can be used to clean patios and pavements. To get amazing results, clean with this attachment by moving the handle in a circular motion. 


Gutter attachments 

Some pressure washers also come with a dedicated gutter attachment. As the name suggests, this attachment is used for cleaning gutters to remove grime and any build-up of leaves through the seasons. This attachment is identifiable by its curved nature as it is designed as a bend, making it easier to use with gutters and drains. 

Extension wands and lances 

For hard-to-reach places, it is appropriate to make use of the extension wand or lance. This will allow you to increase the overall length of the nozzle meaning you can clean higher areas. This is perfect for high corners of doorways and windows. 

Brush attachments 

You can also use brush attachments with your pressure washer by slotting to the end of the nozzle or wand. These provide extra assistance when scrubbing on surfaces such as cars and furniture. They work by streaming water out of the brush as you scrub meaning your cleaning becomes quicker and effective. 

Any more attachments?

Each pressure washer is different, and you may find your pressure washer has additional attachments to get you sparkling cleaning results. We recommend becoming familiar with your device and exploring any extra nozzles if available. To find out more, check your user manual for specific attachments and how these can be used. 

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